Saturday, June 4, 2011

John Edwards, Most Despicable Politician?

I was still working on Athony Weiner's "weener" when I heard some disturbing news yesterday.  I barely have time to finish writing a blog on one politician when another story is waiting in the wings. Yes, John Edwards has made news headlines again, as if his past indiscretions weren’t enough, he has now been indicted for the misuse of 925,000 dollars of his 2008 campaign money to “hide” his mistress and their child.

Here is the recap: John Edwards was a two time Presidential candidate. He is an educated, professional man who had a good wife and family. His wife, Elizabeth Edwards, helped him campaign even after she found out she had breast cancer. She stood by his side while he was using her to gain political favor and votes. I say using her, because he was cheating on her. He had a mistress, Rielle Hunter. This was no fling, it was an ongoing affair that began in 2006. Hunter was hired to video behind the scenes footage of his campaign. In 2008 John Edwards admitted to the affair,, but by that time Mistress Hunter was pregnant. Mistress Hunter eventually had his baby. When it came out in the news that the baby was suspected to be the child of John Edwards, he denied his own child for two years and only admitted it was his baby in the summer of last year, before his wife, Elizabeth, died in December 2010.

Well now John has been indicted for the misuse of campaign funds. He knew that a pregnant mistress was not going to help him win the 2008 Presidential election so he had to do something. Telling the truth is not an option, especially when you cancer stricken wife has been at your side during a long and grueling campaign. It doesn’t look good for a “family man” to cheat on his wife with a mistress a produce an offspring, just ask Arnold Swartzenagger. So John took a reported 925,000 dollars and spent it to keep his mistress and baby in hiding while continuing to pursue the presidency. After all it was very important to maintain his “image.” A plea deal was in the works, but never came to fruition. John wanted to cop a plea to a charge that would enable him to continue to practice law. The prosecutors wanted him to plea to a felony, which would certainly put his law license at risk. So the two year investigation has ended with an indictment.

Frankly, I hope they throw the book at him and Elizabeth is watching this all play out up in in heaven. He deserves everything he gets and then some. This man has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I feel sorry for his children, who lost their mother so early in her life, who now have to rely on him to parent them. What can he possibly teach his children? He has no morals, no ethics, no decency. It seems to me that maybe someone should strip him of his parental rights. I hope he goes to jail so they will be sent to live with Elizabeth’s family, where they can continue to be raised in the way she would have wanted.

It must have been agony for her to know she was not going to beat cancer and was going to be leaving her children in the hands of this despicable man. It’s bad enough to have to leave your children before you are finished raising them. To agonize over the things you will never be there to share or to teach them. And then to find out that your husband is a lying, cheating, immoral, unethical, devious, conniving user who had a mistress and child on the side? How does a woman deal with all that? She had to be depressed over her illness. How could she concentrate on fighting this disease after learning what she did about her husband? I can only hope that she managed to arrange her affairs in the way that brought her the most peace.

I hope Elizabeth Edwards has a front row seat, and from where she is sitting, I hope she gets some great measure of satisfaction to see that all her husband’s deceitfulness is finally going to get him some payback, and for her some justice.

I will be following his case and hoping for the worst for him. No one deserves it more!

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