Thursday, June 2, 2011

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Takes Helicopter to Son’s Game…

Yes, before I could get over the stupidity of Anthony Weiner sending out a picture of his ample weener on twitter, some other politician “rises” to the occasion and grabs my attention. NJ Governor Chris Christie decided to make news when he took a state police helicopter to his son’s high school baseball game.

New Jersey tax payers are a tad upset with their budget slashing governor for his personal use of the helicopter, which wasn’t the first time. He has taken 35 helicopter flights since taking office, and it has not been determined if those were for personal or business reasons. Some feel he should pay for the expense of the ride out of his own pocket. According the NJ State Police, the helicopter costs $2,500 an hour to run. However, the police department has come up with an explanation that will get Governor Christie off the hook, so to speak. They explain, as best I can understand, that they have to fly the helicopters daily for security missions and utilize that as a simultaneous opportunity to train new pilots.

Personally, I think it was wrong of him to abuse the privilege of his office by taking such an expensive mode of transportation for his own personal, family business while stressing the importance of cutting the state’s spending. Of course this is an added expense for the tax payers, no matter how they try to white wash or rationalize it. It’s hypocritical, to say the least.

Does it surprise me? No. I just hope they figure out how many of the other 35 trips were for personal reasons. He should be required to reimburse the state. He sets a bad example for all government employees, who I am sure already abuse the system because tax payers are footing the bill. That’s how governments operate. But, this was a bit flagrant on his part, and merits investigating.

So I will be following the “Weinergate” and “Coptergate” scandals to their bitter end and, if anything else irks me, I will be back to rant about it.

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