Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Ginger On The “Weener”

I keep promising I am going to move on from WeinerGate and everyday I seem to get sucked back in. What more can there possibly be? We went from the “uncertain” bloaded, gray, underwear, to lies, to naked pictures, to sexting a 17 year old, to taking naked pictures in a Federal Building, to the President thinking Weiner should resign and NOW we get to Ginger Lee and her lawyer, Gloria Allred. Ginger Lee, the blonde, former porn star turned feature dancer, who says that Weiner sent her “sexually charged” emails and then asked HER to lie about them.

Allred held 100 emails, all sent by Weiner to Lee since March, and read from three of them in which Weiner mentions his “package.” Lee has come forward because Weiner had contacted her by phone, and asked her to “cover up” for him by denying the existence of sexy emails. He wanted her to keep quiet and even offered a PR rep from his team to work with her over the scandal. She claims that he tried to engage her in sexual conversation, but that she never complied and changed the subject. Instead of following his instructions about lying to the media, Lee went into hiding and then contacted Allred to represent her.

Weiner contacted Lee after she had written favorable things about him on her blog. She wanted their conversations to remain about politics, but Weiner strayed. Here are three Weiner quotes from the emails:

"I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package."

"Alright, my package and I are not going to beg."

"You aren't giving my package due credit."

Lee has not sold her story, and has come forward to cooperate with House ethics investigations, if needed. No pictures were ever exchanged between the two.

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