Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lindsay Lohan At It Again…

It seems as though it never ends with Lindsay Lohan. A few days ago I read that, while under “house arrest” she made a very short, maybe 15 second commercial ad, for an online business. Not such big news, so I skipped over it. If you read my blogs on Lindsay, you already know I am not a fan and that I do not consider “house arrest” a punishment. She was supposed to get jail time this time around. That’s a punishment that might deter bad behavior. But sitting at her luxurious home for four months, eating bonbons, watching television and playing on the computer is not going to teach her a thing. And I was right.

Latest story on Lindsay is that she just tested positive for alcohol and has to return to court. Duh! What did the courts expect? She needed a real rehab for a long time. One she cannot check out of and go straight to a party whenever she feels like it. Well, last week she was tested twice for drugs and alcohol and tested positive for alcohol, now what?

This is apparently a violation of her probation. She is due in court this morning. She wasn’t supposed to drink alcohol while on probation because of her DUI case (of which there have been many). Meanwhile, the house arrest was for stealing a necklace. The LA Probation Dept. wants Lindsay out of house arrest and in the county jail. So do I. That is where she should have been all along. She should not be getting special privileges because she is a celebrity. She drinks, does drugs and drives. She doesn’t learn her lesson. She doesn’t stay in rehab. She can wind up killing someone or herself. And, if she does, who will be responsible? Lindsay? At this point I would look to the judges who are enabling her behavior with these slaps on the wrist, instead of what would be required of you or I with the same history. They would be just as responsible, if not more responsible, for whatever happens next.

Oh, and by the way, Lindsay has been hosting parties at her house while under “house arrest.” Yeah you read it right. Neither the Probation Dept, nor I were happy to learn about that. On June 13th, it was reported that she threw a “Roof Party” where pictures could easily be taken by the media and tourists. A flagrant disregard for the judge’s orders that she be discreet during house arrest. Of course, the judge looks like a fool, trusting Lindsay was going to abide by any court ruling. She has proved time an time again that she has no respect for the judicial system. Beer and wine was served at the party, but Lindsay was not “seen” drinking. The party was long too, sounds like a whole day affair. Like I said in a previous blog, if this is punishment, I better go out and commit a crime!

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