Sunday, June 12, 2011

Casey Anthony Murder Trial

August 9, 2005 - c June 16, 2008
RIP Caylee

Casey Anthony, for anyone who hasn’t heard by now, is a mother who murdered her precious baby girl. I first heard about this Florida case when her baby, Caylee Anthony, first “disappeared” back in June 2008. The baby wasn’t even three years old. Nancy Grace was on top of the investigation, reporting every new development along the way. I watched quite a few of her shows regarding the search for Caylee and the discovery of her body.

The details of the case are that Casey left her parents home with Caylee on June 16, 2008, where they had been living. The grandparents had requested to see Caylee in the following weeks, but Casey said she was too busy or that Caylee was out with her nanny. In mid July, Casey’s parents found her car in a junk yard. It had a terrible odor and they feared for the worst and called the police. The odor turned out to be trash. Casey’s mother called a friend of Casey to learn that she was living with her boyfriend in his apartment. The grandparents went to the apartment and found Casey, but not her baby, Caylee. Casey refused to take her mother to the babysitter’s to see Caylee, so her mother, Cindy, went to the police station which was closed. At first Casey said she didn’t want to go to the sitter’s and disturb them. Then she changed her story to the sitter had disappeared with Caylee 31 days ago and she hasn’t been able to find them. Cindy called the emergency police number to report her disappearance.

Police began an investigation which revealed that no one had ever seen a items babysitter. Casey’s statements were not consistent and she told police she was investigating on her own, which is why she never notified them. In August, police got tips of suspicious items found in the wooded area around the corner from where the Anthony’s lived. In December Caylee’s remains were found in that location and identified. The case was ruled a homicide.

There is plenty of evidence against Casey that she murdered her own baby. Jury selection is being conducted as I type and the prosecution is looking for the death penalty. Casey deserves the death penalty. A mother deliberately killing her own children is the most heinously evil act I can think of. She has no conscience at all, no remorse, no feeling. As in the Susan Smith case, there were loving family members who would have gladly taken and raised that baby. There are couples all across our country who cannot have children and would have loved to raise this baby girl as their own. There families with children, who would have taken Caylee into their homes. There was no reason for Casey to end this baby’s life. I don’t know if she will ever admit to what she has done or give her reasons, but the evidence speaks for itself.

I hope they find a jury soon and they deliver the sentence that she is most deserving of…the same one she gave her own baby…death.


  1. Nina,
    I am following the case too; I heard yesterday that her defense now is that little Caylee accidently drowned in the family swimming pool. Casey has even accused her father of disposing of Caylee's body, accused her brother (father too I think) of sexual abuse. This girl is insane but deserves to be punished for what she did to this beautiful little girl. Breaks my heart!!

  2. Yes, they have to come up with something to cause reasonable doubt, but I don't see anyone buying into that tactic. If you have Facebook, there is a page devoted to the case that send updates on the trial and makes it easier to follow. Let me post the link here for you in case you want to "like" it. They even provide a link to live coverage.!/caseyupdates

  3. Thanks Nina! I didn't know about the Facebook page for Casey updates! I'll go "like" it this morning.

    Yes I found you on Facebook on the Dr Phil Family page and your blogs thru there. I have a blog too but I haven't posted anything (until yesterday) for a long time so I read several of yours, hoping to get inspired to start mine back up again.

    I am not a good writer like you are!! I love reading yours. Keep up the good work.