Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner Admits “Mistakes,” Palin Does Not!

Anthony Weiner, crying on CBS News a few minutes ago, admitted to tweeting his weener and a lot more of the past three years. Some pictures were even X-rated and there were conversations both of which took place before AND after his recent marriage. Weiner realized his mistakes after he lied and more pictures began to surface which he could not deny, because his face was showing and everyone could see, with “certitude” that it was him. Several women, at least 5 or 6, must have come forward to contribute to the ongoing scandal. Weiner apologized profusely to his family and his wife and the young woman who did not deserve all the questions and media attention for his “stupid mistake.”

Okay well he had to come clean, there was too much information out there and it was snowballing. However, this was not a stupid mistake. A stupid mistake is to do it one time, not several times over the course of three years. Perhaps he needs some kind of intensive therapy? He says he isn’t resigning and plans to get back to work.

As for Sarah Palin and her rendition of the Ride of Paul Revere…she is sticking to her guns. I barely understood her explanation the second time around, but I did not care for it. Paul Revere did not ride ringing bells and blowing whistles and firing gun shots. She could very easily have looked it up, but no, she continues to rewrite American History and swear by it.

I am sorry to have to belabor these stories, but these politicians will not let me rest. They keep supplying me with reasons to be peeved. I hope they all go into hiding for a while and regroup and give me some time off!

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