Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cindy Anthony, Casey’s Mother, Lying Too!

Cindy vs Lee

I can only stand to watch bits and pieces of this trial because it makes me sick. I look at little Caylee’s picture and she looks so much like her lying grandmother. By the way, does anyone know how Casey picked the name Caylee? It looks like a combo of her and her brother’s names: Cay (Casey) and lee (for Lee). Anyway, I have managed to catch some of Cindy’s testimony and she makes me sick.

First she began her web of lies by saying she was the one who searched for “chloroform.” Who does random searches for chloroform? Who in the world is going to believe this “bombshell?” The prosecutor counters that her work records show she was at work when the searches were done. Cinday answers that she had flexible work hours! “But when the prosecutor asks whether Cindy was at home on March 17, 2008 between 1:43 and 1:55 p.m. instead of replying with a clear” "Yes" or "No", Cindy said "If those computer entries were made, then I was home." Another lie is that she said she was actually looking for “Chlorophyll” because she was worried about her dogs, but the searches took her to chloroform. “Cindy said that she searched for acetone, rubbing alcohol, alcohol, inhalation, peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide because she wanted to know more about these substances. She said she was concerned about Caylee's safety because these substances could cause potential harm to the child.” If I was a juror I would start to suspect Cindy as being involved somehow. The study of the computer’s hard drive also shows that searches were deleted. If they were done with good intentions, they would not have been removed. Cindy could not explain how the words “how to make Chloroform” were detected on the computer.

The fact that she is obviously lying shows she has something to hide or is covering for Casey. It’s appalling and she should be charged with perjury if there is anyway they can prove those searches were not performed by her.

Now, she is being contradicted by her own son’s testimony! Lee testified that his mother sent her own investigator, Dominic Casey, to search the woods in October, 2008. Lee said it made him angry because up until that moment, the whole family still believe that Caylee was alive. “When Lee Anthony got on the stand, he testified that he and his mother fought over her sending out the private investigator to the woods.” Cindy testified she never sent anyone to investigate. However, the lead detective in the case, Yuri Melich, testified that she told him she did send a private investigator out to do a search. Surely the testimony of Lee and Melich will discredit everything that Cindy has said on the stand, including her testimony about the pool ladder, which she now recalls was left down so that Caylee could have climbed into the pool.

“Dr. Lillian Glass, who studies deception, points out the indicators of her deception at her blog. She wrote, "Then Jose asks if they were looking for a blanket, Cindy then gives way too much information about a Winnie the Pooh blanket and 70 items. It was not called for. When people give too much information that is not requested it usually means the person has something to hide. The additional information is often given as an attempt to move the topic away from the sensitive area in an effort to change the subject at hand.”

It was also believed that “Cindy Anthony knew, once Casey was out on bond, where Caylee's remains were. This is why she told the media, after kicking out Tim Miller, "George and I don't believe Caylee's in the woods or anything."

And I have to agree with Dr. Glass, Cindy’s testimony doesn’t even have the ring of truth to it and it is being disputed by others who have no reason to lie. “Dr. Glass wrote: As Lee spoke he was forthright. It was clear Cindy lied. She is despicable. I hope Linda or Jose files charges against her for lying. She cannot get away with this.”

Maybe Casey and her mother have a lot more in common than we gave them credit for? Will there be justice for Caylee? Not even her own family thinks she is worth fighting for.


  1. My fear is that the jury because it's obvious she's lying will leave open the reasonable doubt that Casey was actually involved and it was the lying grandparents instead. Or, hopefully they can see through the smokescreen and then realize parents are doing what they can to protect their own daughter from a death sentence.

  2. That's very true, we can't know what the jurors will make of all this. Of course they do not get to hear everything we hear either. But I do feel that her testimony was not credible and even absurd at times. What breaks my heart is that the poor innocent baby, Caylee, has no one fighting for her from her family. That is what always bothers me about caeses where the children are murdered. The family wants to protect the murderer instead of finding justice for the victim. Thanks for commenting.