Friday, June 17, 2011

Potpourri Of Thoughts

There are too many things to write about these days. So much of what I see in the news ticks me off and becomes a blog. Today I am in a quandary. Why? I don’t want to write about Weiner’s resignation, except to say it’s about time. He’s been an embarrassment to himself and his family. I need to write about things I am passionate about, but not too passionate because then I get very riled up. This morning two things have rile me up, but it would be totally exhausting for me to blog in depth about either one. So maybe I will just touch on some of my thoughts and let it go.

The first thing that has me agitated is the Casey Anthony trial. I have followed it, off and on, the past three years. Yesterday was the third anniversary of Caylee’s disappearance and possible murder. The details are all over the news. It brings back thoughts of Susan Smith, who killed her two sons by driving her car into the water with them strapped in the backseat screaming “mommy.” I will never comprehend how any “mother” could take their own child’s life. I only understand mothers who would give up their lives, in a heartbeat, for their children. Mothers who do everything in their power to protect their children from real and unforeseen dangers. Mothers who stay awake all night when their children are sick, waiting for them to come home from work or dates, or worrying about their problems and how to help them. So when it comes to Susan Smith or Casey Anthony, I don’t get it. It disgusts me, it angers me to the point of tears. Both of these women are despicable. They both had family members who loved their children and would have raised them, if they didn’t want to be bothered any more. This is not to mention millions of couples who would have loved to have a child or strangers who would have gladly taken these children into their own families.

What disturbed me the Casey Anthony case yesterday was the defense. Her attorney tried to show a lack of evidence in terms of DNA. That was fine. That’s his job, to create reasonable doubt, and he has an uphill battle. But, then he mentions the fact that Casey’s older brother, Lee, was given a paternity test to determine if he was Caylee’s father. Even though this test was performed long ago and excluded from being the father, it was mentioned in court to be sure the jurors heard it. They wanted the jurors to hear it and draw their own conclusions. It’s appalling. This is called justice? The defense is ready to throw everyone under the bus in order to get her acquitted of this heinous and unforgivable crime. Why can’t they just stick to the evidence or lack of it? Anyway, that’s all I’ll say today, it’s all I can stomach.

I came across an article that turned my stomach. The child abuse scandal of the Catholic Church broke out in 2002. I have been saying, since then, that I am waiting for the church to “do” something about it. They haven’t done nearly enough. Abuse cases continue to be reported. The abuse and the cover up by higher officials had me upset to no end. Maybe one day I will blog about my reaction back then. However, today I see this headline: “Catholic Bishops Change Rules On Sexual Abuse, But Victims Say It's Not Enough.” It hasn’t been enough as far as I am concerned. Why hasn’t this crisis been given the attention it deserves? Instead, the church paid out billions in hush money, to keep victims and their families quiet. Then they sent the priests to other unsuspecting parishes where they could victimize more children. Here is the crux of the latest news which upset victims:

“After a scathing grand jury report in March that three-dozen Philadelphia priests were kept in ministry despite ‘credible’ sexual abuse allegations and news in May that a Kansas City bishop did not remove a priest, who took pornographic photos in church, the nation's Catholic bishops voted Thursday to amend rules on how bishops should deal with sexual abuse.”

It’s still going on almost ten years later. The changes that were made are obviously not working to prevent abuse. So the Church plans to take further “action.” They want to equate the seriousness of child pornography with child abuse and make it a Church crime. Really? They are just now getting around to recognizing child porn as a crime? Victims feel the bishops haven’t made any significant advances to stop abuse and even more important, those that enable abusers or conceal their abuse are almost never punished.

I can’t see why it’s taking the church so long to do something. My husband said, ten years ago, they will just sweep it under the rug until enough time passes and people forget. I don’t forget. This scandal has made victims out of all Catholics, those abused, their families, and members of the Church. I know of many people, like myself, who will not attend Church any more over this. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t know a good priest from an abusive priest. Two of the priests mentioned as abusers on the list all those years ago, worked at three churches that we attended. My children had contact with both of them, thank God nothing happened, but that is little consolation to me. Father Keller who was always popular with the children and Father Maurer who was in charge of the sports program at St. Stan’s and presided over Girl Scout ceremonies. We couldn’t tell they were abusing children and for me this hit too close to home. Bottom line, the Church has failed to protect the children and continues, by lack of action, to allow this abuse to continue. It’s totally unacceptable.

So, now I need to stop before I start ranting. It’s so much easier blogging about politicians and their shenanigans. But sometimes, there are more serious issues that just can’t be ignored. We have to speak up for children and be their voice until they have a voice of their own.


  1. Nina,

    You are writing about something that gets me so savage I all but foam at the mouth. The last part, especially. I have since starting my thinking about these sick 'priests' come to some conclusions that seem pretty woo-woo and very irrational, to some people (I won't go into detail here, but lets me and you have this conversation one day)anyway, I have written a short story and entered it into a local competition and hope it gets SEEN by people who can help me help little children who are being so soul destroyed. Here in my country children are abused in the most heinous, blood chilling fashion too and like I said - I lose control and I kan kill when I hear these stories!!! Good God,thanks for the blog, I'm going to shoosh now. But I mean it - we must please have a discussion on this subject soon. xoxo

  2. Good luck with your story Anel. I try not to write about these things because I do get so angry. But seeing both stories yesterday, just resurrected old feelings and I had to let them out. Thanks for commenting!