Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York In Morocco

My daughter made me watch two episodes of The Real Housewives of New York this weekend. I wasted two hours and 15 minutes of my life, but I did it for my daughter because she loves to see me get irritated and exasperated at stupidity. And, that’s the kind of mom I am. What don’t I do for my kids?

What can I say about seven women who bicker every waking minute of the day and then decide it would be fun to take a trip to Morocco together, halfway round the world? I only watched episodes two and three of the trip and that was more than enough. Now let’s see if I can keep the names straight: Ramona, Jill, Sonja, Luann, Kelly, Alex, and Cindy.

Ramona decides to tell Jill that she hurt her feelings because she acts one way with her and another way with the other women. Jill nods, but you can see she is seething under the surface. Tensions mount quickly so that they are soon both yelling in each other’s faces. You see, Ramona has been harboring a big grudge against Jill for a long time because she feels she ruined her chances to make up with Bethany (a former NY Housewife who left for her own show spin off). Jill storms off and Ramona throws herself on the bed saying out loud, with drama and uncontrollable tears, that she is having a heart attack.

Luann, the rich Countess who organized the trip in the first place (what was she thinking?), arranges for the seven women to ride camels across the desert to a wonderful tent she had set up for them with food and sleeping quarters. All but one get on the camels, Sonja is afraid and not in the mood. They no sooner take a few steps when Luann’s camel starts acting like a bronco and is determined to throw her off his back. This actually goes on for a few minutes and you have to give Luann props for staying on until one of the men, leading the group, helps her off. I have to say that scene was hilarious. I’d like to thank Luann for NOT wearing any of her “one shoulder, Wilma Flintstone-type” ensembles for these two shows. I find those the most irritating thing about her.

When they arrive at the tent, they all settle down and take a seat. There is food and drink and everyone is talking all at once, literally. Cindy wants to talk, but Sonja keeps interrupting her, to the point that Cindy jumps up and walks out very irritated. Ramona and Sonja get diarrhea after dinner and get a late start the next day when they all plan to go to a day spa of sorts. Ramona, Cindy and Kelly are getting henna tattoos and having a nice time. At this point Alex dramatically bursts in. Alex has been talking to Ramona who has been hurt, not just by Jill, but Luann too. Alex is going to address Luann the Countess, who tells her what goes on between her and Jill is none of her business. Kelly tells Alex to go out and come back in because this is a reality show and Alex is overacting. Alex keeps trying to talk. Kelly says go out and come back in normally. Luann is pissed and walks off. Alex continues to talk about the drama between Ramona and the others, and then Kelly starts yelling “you ruined my tattoo.” Kelly goes on and on about her tattoo being ruined because Alex is being a drama queen.

Ok, so they get over this somehow and manage to get back to the hotel where Luann has arranged for an 8 pm dinner. Some of the women do not show up: Alex, Ramona and Sonja (the blondes). That left the brunettes (Luann, Cindy, Kelly and Ramona) to talk behind their backs. Luann is highly insulted that the blondes did not show up for dinner and did not have the courtesy to let her know. She is quite indignant over it. As the brunettes finish their salads, about 8:30, in walks Alex for dinner. Luann tells her she is late. Alex says no one told her what time dinner was and she is sorry. She takes a seat and the whole tone changes. Luann won’t let it go. Being late is inconsiderate and thoughtless. Then Luann says she heard that Ramona had ordered dinner and wine to be sent to her room for the blondes. Alex walks out. At 9:30, just when you think the arguing is going to subside, in walk Ramona and Sonja. They didn’t know what time dinner was either. Luann insists everyone knew and that they had ordered dinner sent to their rooms. Ramona says it was just a snack over and over again and goes back to her room to bring back proof.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted! I am ready to send them to their rooms to pack. Sorry, I can’t go on…but you do get the idea. Can you believe they haven’t cancelled this show? This is the fourth season!!!

A few more irritating things happened and then they really did have to pack and leave. But I thought I would blog about the show so if you haven’t seen it before, you can see what you have been missing, and thank God that you made the right decision.

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