Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ugh!!! Dr. Phil Is The New Springer!

I didn’t want to blog about Dr. Phil again so soon, but this show is hitting an all time low. It’s one step above Springer. A mother, who allows her husband, their stepfather to abuse them for years, and is still in a state of denial, even though he was found guilty and went to prison.

The two daughters, both appear to be in their late 20’s, are trying to get their mother to acknowledge all of these horrible acts performed by her husband and even her, through their childhood. It’s sickening. This woman is in denial making excuses for the unforgivable. She keeps saying she didn’t know what was happening, but it’s obvious she knew and she allowed it to go on.

The girls say when they were just developing, she took them into the bathroom and showed him their breasts. She gave them alcohol and made them watch soft porn with her and her husband. She allowed him to sleep in the same bed as the girls. When walks into the room and sees him on top of one of the girls she says he had this evil look and she didn’t know what she saw, so she walked out into the kitchen to pray. She catches him giving one of the girls a passionate kiss and tells her to leave the house and then asks him, why don’t you kiss me like that? The girls eventually told their friends and one of their mothers told their father, who went to get them.

The abuser was arrested and brought to trial. The mother sits on the side on the defendant, not with the girls. When he was found guilty, she went over to their home, after the father left, and wanted them to get on the phone and apologize to the stepfather. She denies all these things. The mother keeps yelling, nothing is getting resolved. It’s plain to see that this woman cannot be reasoned with and these girls will never get what they are looking for. They want her to acknowledge what happened and her responsibility for allowing it to happen and go on. She will not.

There is a shouting match, at the end of the show, between the three of them. Dr. Phil is sipping his glass of water.

I hate to say it, but tomorrow is part two. Dr. Phil claims there is going to be a surprise ending. I cannot imagine what that will be. I feel sorry for these women and, if they need this mother to own her failure to protect them, I cannot see that happening.

These are the shows they save for Sweeps month. Shows that are ratings bonanzas. Lots of graphic material. Stories that people eat up. Stories that shock. Is there anything to be learned from this? Will it help these sisters heal and move on? Can they ever have a relationship with their mother? I have no clue. This may well be my last season with Dr. Phil. I think I’ll switch to Dr. Pepper.

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