Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner’s Overworked Weener...

I thought this subject was exhausted, but I was wrong. I can’t get away from it. Three things I heard just this morning are making me blog again about Anthony’s overworked weener.

First of all, aside from being the most talked about “weener” since Oscar Meyer, Anthony’s weener has made new headlines. This time the famous “Weiner’s weener” is being credit for doing what God Himself intended it to. Yes, procreate. It was announced today that Anthony Weiner’s wife and aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, is 10 months pregnant with their first child. What a way to start a pregnancy! So much for avoiding stress, as her husband’s scandal has not died down, if anything it’s heating up some more.

It seems that the man, Breitbart, who created and runs the Big Government website that broke the scandal, was on a local radio show called Opie and Anthony. He was there to discuss the scandal and how it broke. Then he said a source sent him the actual “naked” weener that the Congressman tweeted. He had it in his phone. Opie and Anthony wanted to see it. Breitbart was apprehensive, he didn’t want the picture to get out. Opie and Anthony assured him there were no cameras in the room, they just wanted to see it. So, trusting their word, Breitbart pulls out his phone and gives them a peak. The next thing he knows, the naked weener is all over the internet. There was a conceal camera in the room that took a picture of the lewd tweet photo. Breitbart was not happy to find it was posted to the internet. And it is, because if I can find it, anyone can find it. This story is going nowhere anytime soon, unless maybe Arnold Swartzenagger has a few more love children out there who want to announce their paternity.

Finally, a new peeve to the situation comes from Barbara Walters’ appearance on The View today. Yesterday her co-hosts did a number on Weiner, and rightly so, for this ongoing scandal. They had plenty to say and it was all valid. Everyone thought he should resign from office as he was no longer credible and has broken the public trust. For me it was also the utter stupidity of what he did. Let’s face it, if you are going to do something wrong, and do it for three years, have the sense to use a phony account, not use your personal accounts and for pete’s sake, do NOT include your face. That makes it pretty hard to deny it was you. And yet, knowing that he had all this lewd stuff out there, pictures and conversations, he still tried to lie his way out of it. That was a pathetic attempt on his part. But, I digress. Barbara Walters came riding onto the set today, almost a like a white knight, to come to Weiner’s defense. After all they are friends, so a different set of rules should apply to him (and for the sake of his wife) than applies to others. Even as Elizabeth, who I really dislike much of the time, tried to assert the facts of the scandal, Barbara kept trying to shut her up, saying we already know how you feel. It was only when Whoopie Goldberg inserted her calm, rational two cents, did Barbara listen, but she did not back down. I think I lost a little respect for Barbara Walters today. She is always about the “facts,” but today she was all about “opinion.”

There is no telling if or when this scandal will die down. People here are asking for Weiner’s resignation. He is trying to hang on and wait it out. Meanwhile I hear a Congressional investigation is going to be conducted about his behavior. More taxpayer money wasted. He should have to pay for that, seriously, if he decides to stay in office. Or he can step down and avoid that bill. This is appalling that Congress has to waste time and money on his stupidity when we have huge problems to work on.

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