Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trump and Palin Putting Their Heads Together…

I was reading the latest news items and came across a little article about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump having dinner. Normally, I would not consider this news worthy, but there is an upcoming Presidential election next year and so I raised my eyebrows a bit. Trump already dropped out of the race when it was clear he could not take a joke at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner (check out the hilarious videos on youtube). Seth Meyers and President Obama did a fine job of roasting Trump, much to his dismay, and shortly after he took his hat (or hair) out of the ring.

Sarah Palin has been driving around on a tour bus of sorts. She has not declared she is running for President, unless you count the fact that she all but announced she was running right after the 2008 election was over. As one article says, “But while Palin's sights seem fixed on 2012 after the meteoric rise and fall of her 68 days on the national stage, it is far from clear her fellow Republicans will welcome the return of the woman many blame for John McCain's defeat and their party's disarray.”

After the election, she promptly went back to Alaska, where she quit her job as “Governor” after serving only two years. That was the job that was supposedly qualifying her as a “leader” good enough, experienced enough, to run our country. Sarah Palin doesn’t stick with things very long. She had to change colleges five times before getting her degree. She was mayor of a city with 5,000 people and had to hire an administrator to do the actual day to day work involved with the position. In her short term as Governor, she was in charge of a state that has a smaller population than many American cities, 670,000. Her foreign policy experience comes from the fact that her state is close to Russia, though she herself has never been there. If she decides to run I will delve more into her credentials, I’m sure.

Now, the other day I read how Sarah Palin loves the smell of emissions. My first thought is that this explains a lot. Her actual quote, at a motorcycle event in DC was:

Maybe that’s why she has to write things on her hands or can’t remember which newspapers she reads? But, you have to hand it to Sarah, she tells the people what they want to hear. For Christian groups she praises God, for the NRA and it’s members she praises guns and now for motorcyclists it’s emissions and noise.

So, when I see Donald and Sarah going out to dinner it raises my interest. My first thought was, Saturday Night Live writers are going to have a year’s worth of material fall right into their laps. My second thought, will Tina Fey have enough time in her life to do justice to Sarah Palin’s speeches? I guess we will see how it all unfolds.

It is starting to look like American Politics is becoming a new television reality show in itself. We have the same people getting together, squabbling about different issues, taking pot shots at each other, hurling insults, backstabbing…I mean seriously, is it any different than any of the Housewives shows?

Well stay tuned for the next episode of American Political Housewives, starring your emission sniffing star, Sarah Palin!

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