Friday, June 3, 2011

Update on CopterGate and WeinerGate!

Governor Christie has decided to reimburse the state of New Jersey $2,100 for his helicopter flight to his son’s baseball game and return flight. He has also asked the state Republican Party to reimburse the state $1,200, because part of that return trip was to go to a political dinner for GOP donors. He doesn’t feel he was obligated to repay the state or that he did anything wrong by using the helicopter, he just wants to eliminate this unnecessary distraction so that can get back to handling the “real” problems of New Jersey.

I feel this was a very smart move on his part. It takes all the air of the media attacks on this incident, it turned negative publicity into positive publicity, and maybe they won’t look into the other 35 flights he has taken since he was in office. I think he acted swiftly and did himself a huge favor in the process, especially since he may have aspirations of one day running for President. These little things have a way of coming back to bite you in the proverbial “ass” and let’s just say, his derriere would be a huge target. So for now CopterGate seems to be “closed.”

Back to Anthony Weiner, who cannot seem to figure out if the picture tweeted was of him or his underwear. It either was or it wasn’t. But he is unsure and is still investigating. It makes me wonder how many people take photos of themselves in their underwear and then forget they took them? I know I never have. If someone “hacked” my account just to send a picture of me in my alleged underwear, I could unequivocally say it was NOT me. However, Mr. Weiner must have taken pictures of himself if he has any doubt and one of them found their way to twitter and into the phone of a college coed in Seattle, who Mr. Weiner is “following. Turns out, Mr. Weiner is following several young girls on Twitter. The question is why? Why does a newly wed, middle aged man, with huge political aspirations, follow young girls on twitter? Why does he tweet them his underwear and then delete the photo and need to investigate. Mr. Weiner is not answering any questions. Unlike Governor Christie, who knows how to put out a fire before it escalates out of proportion, Mr. Weiner is throwing gallons of fuel on his with every breath he takes. Threatening to have news reporter, Marcia Kramer arrested for going to his office and asking the questions that are on everyone’s mind is a bit excessive.

The fact is Mr. Weiner has not denied it was his photo and stutters when asked questions. He can’t deny it just in case the photo can be traced right back to him. Then he would also have to deal with lying to cover it up. As far as I am concerned, he is lying. And this investigation, by whatever law enforcement agency, into the “hacking” is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Maybe I should tweet Marcia Kramer and she can suggest he pay for the investigation should it be determined that the tweets cane directly from him?

Mr. Weiner would like us all to forget about his “weener,” but it’s almost impossible to do that. The media and the comedians love this story. It’s a news story you can actually have fun with, not just because of name play on words, but because Mr. Weiner is squirming and altering his story slightly every time he opens his mouth.

Here is a little clip of his answer:

Congressman Anthony Weiner was questioned by Luke Russert:

Weiner: “I didn’t send that picture out.”

Russert: “That’s not a picture of you?”

Weiner: “You know, I can’t say with certitude. My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated. Pictures can be dropped in and inserted.”

Weiner also talked about why he hasn’t reported this to authorities.

Weiner: “We don’t know exactly what happened here. It was a prank. You know, it is not a national security thing. I’m not sure I want to put national, federal resources into trying to figure out who posted a picture on Weiner’s website of, [smiling] whatever. I’m not sure it really rises – no pun intended – to that level.”

Unlike CopterGate, which is closed, WeinerGate is wide open and the questions are still coming. Weiner only follows 198 people, so reports say, so it’s peculiar as to why so many he follows are young girls? Here is a link where you can see the pictures of some of them:

Now, when you add those two facts together, the tweeted weener and the usually “large” number of young girls in his “follows” list, it just “arouses” one’s curiosity and desire to know what the hell is going on. If he tweeted his weener to my daughter you can bet I would want some concrete answers to some hard questions and I would want them with “certitude.”

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