Friday, July 15, 2011

Real Housewives Of New York City…Recap Of The Music Video

Luann's "Money Can't Buy You Class" is a video

I made the mistake of giving up another hour of my life and sleep to the RHONYC last night. I was promised some drama from the coming attractions and thought I would use it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with my girls. They love drama. Well, the show is just as I remember all their episodes to be…ridiculous. I am so glad I never got “hooked” on any of these “real” housewives shows because “real” is the last thing about them.

Let’s take last night’s show. Luann, aka The Countess (because she was once married to a Count by dumb luck), decides to make a music video for her new song, “Chic C’est La Vie.” Her previous song, “Money Can’t Buy You Class,“ was that a hit? The video for that apparently was pretty risqué, with Luann on a bed scantily dressed and half naked men laying down on it all around her. The French title of her new song is bad enough to cause an uprising in France. The French need very little excuse to protest, it’s what they do. But, I digress. Luann feels that all her “friends,” meaning the other housewives who, from my experience, all seem to detest each other, would jump at the chance to be in her video. She is wrong. Not everyone is dropping everything to go support this project. Jill seems to be all for it, but Jill is one of the brunettes and they stick together. Jill talks to Sonja about the video, assuming she will be excited about participating, but she is not. Sonja says she has been spending too much time away from her daughter and doesn’t want to do it. Jill counters with the fact that she doesn’t have to stay overnight, she can go in the morning and be home by dinner. Sonja is trying every which way to tactfully decline, but Jill isn’t having any of it. Soon it appears that Jill is actually bullying Sonja into making the trip to the studio, even if she doesn’t want to be in it, just to support Luann.

Alex, another blonde who always seems to be emotionally unstable, just flat out refuses to be in the video. I don’t know who told her about it, but she kept telling her husband and his friend that she wasn’t going to do it. They must have cut out the parts where she actually learns there will be a video (or I slept through it).

Luann and Ramona (another blonde), meet for lunch. They barely have a cup of coffee. The conversation quickly gets off on the wrong foot. Ramona bluntly turns down Luann’s offer to appear in the video. She starts by explaining that her daughter wrote an essay about her last week on how her mother is her role model. It was very touching. Ramona says she discussed being in the video with her daughter and she wasn’t comfortable with the idea. Her daughter saw the last video Luann made. Ramona isn’t about to do anything to embarrass her daughter. After all, teenage girls have enough issues dealing with their sexuality without seeing their mothers flaunting theirs in a music video. And for good measure, Ramona flat out says that rap music sends a better message to young people than Luann’s song does. Of course none of this sits well with Luann, who thinks it’s ridiculous that a mother would ask a teenage girl permission to do anything. Then comes the discussion and several “digs” about the difference in their parenting styles. Ramona says she spends A LOT of time with her daughter as opposed to Luann, who is a “weekend” parent…or so she implies. Luann has a younger French boyfriend and jets around a lot. Judging from her musical talent and the fact she thinks videos are good career choices for her, I think Luann needs a wake up call. Needless to say the meeting ends badly, with Luann leaving in a dramatic huff.

So the three blondes have all graciously or ungraciously declined to be in the “Chic, C’est la Vie” video. I am not even going to get into the other bits of drama thrown into this episode.

I find it very difficult to believe that viewers take any of this seriously. These women all behave ridiculously.  How the show wasn’t dropped after season one is amazing. People will watch anything. In the second half hour I fell asleep no less than 8 times and had to be awakened by my daughter. The show works better than Tylenol PM. Next week is the finale. I can only imagine what will take place. No, I didn’t see the preview because I had dropped off again. I may watch the show, only to be with the girls and offer my two cents worth of criticism. They love to see me appalled and disgusted. I think there will be plenty of opportunity for me to give them what they want.

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