Friday, July 8, 2011

Dr. Phil Housewives Return July 12th!

After four very long months, lots of tweets to Dr. Phil, posts on the housewives face book page, emails to the show, and complaining to anyone who will listen, the Dr. Phil Housewives are back. I know I should be excited. But it’s hard to get excited after waiting for four months, being promised new shows that never air, and offered no explanation or excuse for the long delay. I have argued that the show has been extremely inconsiderate to viewers and fans of the housewives. They did not even have the courtesy to keep the housewives themselves informed about what was going on. Tons of video sit at the studio in cans, while we watch reruns and ridiculous shows…like the extremely obnoxious, 28 year old Jewish woman, JOSIE, who was so self centered and insulting to everyone that the show felt they had to bring her back and give her MORE air time. Someone please tell me who the hell benefited from that?

So, maybe the housewives will be on Tuesday. After all, they showed a promo clip and that kind of makes it official. If they finally took the time to edit a clip for us maybe there is a whole show behind it? So should I be happy? Am I being difficult if I say NO?

I think the issue with me is that I am or try very hard to be, true to my word. If I say something or promise something, I make every effort to deliver, especially of someone is counting on me. I want to keep my word. If there are serious, extenuating circumstances as to why I cannot do what I said, I give an explanation and an apology and try to make up for it as soon as possible. That is the way I operate. I think what the show did, and I will hold Dr. Phil responsible, was totally unprofessional, inconsiderate, inexcusable thoughtless. A simple explanation would have been nice. But instead, they allowed fans of the series to become invested in the lives of six women and their problems, with the promise of “Get Real Tuesdays” and then just stopped airing episodes in early March after pre-empting them in January and February several times. So no, I’m not as happy as you might think. However, it will be nice to get some closure from the remaining shows and see how or if, all of the women have progressed. But the shows were taped months ago, so who knows what their lives are like today?

If you are lucky, this will be my last blog on the Dr. Phil Show. I am boycotting him AFTER I see the remaining housewives episodes. Of course, if Alexandra reappears for rehab I will have to see that. I invested years in that family and the whole time they have spiraled downhill with Dr. Phil’s help.

I am going to start reading his unauthorized biography and writing about that. I am sure what is in that book will strengthen my resolve to boycott all new shows!

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