Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jeans, Ugh!

Why is it so hard to find a decent pair of jeans that fit? Used to be I could go to the store and get a size 9 pair of Jordache jeans and they fit me to a tee. Now, I have to try every brand and say a few prayers before finding something that "fits" but never the way I want them too.

I'm happy they make stretchy jeans that look like regular jeans now. I admit I could use a little flexibility on the part of the material these days. More often than not I am adding a pound here and there, so a little stretching goes a long way for me. But, why are there very few, if any jeans, they go up to the waist like they used to? I like my pants around my waist, not on my hips or somewhere between my hips and my waist. I always feel like they are falling down. Besides, if they are making them stretch for us full figured, well-rounded women, then how is it going to look if I have a few pounds hanging over the top of my hip hugging jeans? I'll tell you how it looks...not very attractive! And they are not very comfortable either.

What about the length? Used to be they sold jeans are various lengths, short, average, tall. The short fit me just fine. I guess they decided it was too much trouble, so now it's one length fits all. I either have to roll them up so they don't scrape the pavement, or let them get worn out at the bottom (and filthy too) from dragging along the floor. I suppose one day I will break my neck as one of my feet steps on the "extra" material hanging over the other foot.

I heard of Apple Bottom jeans, but my "fashion police" daughters inform me those are not for me. I've tried all the jeans in the Gap and those are not for me. Where are the jeans that ARE for me? I may have to invent them myself. I'll call them "Pear-fect" Jeans. That more or less describes my shape today. And, my line of jeans will come in various lengths, have just the right amount of stretch, and come all the way up to the waistline, if that's where you like them!

Used to be, I could get jeans that fit. Now I hear my mother's saying ringing in my ears, "Used to be's ain't what they used to be!" Oh well.


  1. Nina,
    First, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! Second, check out Donna Karan's Soho line for jeans. I just bought two pair and they fit perfectly (and I have the same issues you mentioned). The only thing is they come in one length, which is a pain if you're short like you and me. So, I just cut the bottom three inches off.

  2. Thanks Lucie, I will definitely look into them!