Monday, October 4, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays!

It's Monday and raining. No sign of the neighbors today.  A great day for sleeping in?  Ha!  The house next to them evidently has a water main problem and, bright and early this morning (before 8 am) workers were busy jackhammering the sidewalk and street.  I now have a wonderful, throbbing headache to start off my gray and dreary day!  But the headache doesn't end there...
Okay, now on to more important peeves.  This past July my husband and I both had colonoscopies done by a participating provider of our Medical Plan.  We pay $20 each for a copay and we thought we were done.  Wrong!  The doctor, in his infinite wisdom, decided to use nonparticipating anesthesiologists.  We get two bills from their office for $462, one for each of us.  These types of bills always arrive on a Friday afternoon so that I have to be steamed all weekend before I can call about it Monday morning.  If I have to pay these bills the doctor is at least going to get an earful first.  So, at 9 am, I make the first call and I am told to call back at 10:30 am to speak to Yoni.  Well, I called promptly at 10:30 am to resolve this issue and guess what?  Yoni isn't in today, she called in sick.  I am told to call back tomorrow.  Gee what a surprise! 
By the way, the digging goes on across the street all day, 8 hours so far...time for tylenol!
To be continued.......


  1. Ain't life grand!!!It seems that it takes 90 percent of my time trying to straighten something out. Most of the time you get the voice mail. They don't bother to answer it. Good luck with it.

  2. Boy are you right Lorrene! I've noticed that even when you think you have straightened something out and cross it off your list, you get something in the mail that tells you you have to start all over again! So frustrating!