Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trick OR Treat?

Halloween is around the corner! When the girls were little we went “Trick or Treating,” after school, at the local stores in our neighborhood. I always felt it was safer than going door to door and the candy wouldn‘t be tampered with. After we got home with bags of candy, the girls would keep their costumes on and give out candy to the kids who weren’t afraid of being poisoned. Every year we have been on the “Treat” side of the holiday, and candy is not cheap! I think I finally found a way to avoid that expense. This year I am going to be on the “Trick” side of Halloween; it's cheaper and more fun.

When the doorbell rings this year I am going to answer it. I’ll be wearing a lab coat and holding a pair of pliers in my hand. I’ll have my big computer chair and a small table with dental instruments on it. I bought some of those teeth cleaning implements at the dollar store; they look just like the ones my dentist uses. I’ll be sure to pour a little ketchup on the table for effect. Then, I’ll answer the door with a big, toothless smile and say to each little imp, “Oh, wonderful, you are right on time for your dental appointment, come right in, have a seat and OPEN WIDE!”

Just think of all the money I will save on candy this year? Just imagine all the laughs I will have…that will be my Treat!


  1. DONT DO THIS!!!!!!

  2. Damn straight I'm going to do it! And I'm using your LAB COAT! You know, the ones I paid for!