Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time Warner Cable TV!

Time Warner is my cable company. They aren’t cheap. They charge us for everything. We have four boxes, one for each bedroom and the living room, we have four remotes, and we subscribe to their TV guide. No premium channels, just your basic package. We get all that for $120 or so a month. I think it’s too much money because I watch reruns of the “Golden Girls,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “King of Queens,” and the “Andy Griffith Show,” all of which I can buy on DVD and watch over and over again without ever paying another dime. However, my girls find cable absolutely essential for their lifestyle, so I guess we are keeping it.

But that’s not going to stop me from complaining! For one thing, a couple of years ago we bought a 40 inch HD television so the girls would be able to enjoy it while my husband and I went away for a long weekend. Well 4 days before our trip, the cable goes out. I call Time Warner and they make us try different things to “reboot” the box, nothing works. So the technician tells my daughter they will send someone in a week to fix it. I heard her say okay, and I said, “NO! That’s unacceptable! Give me the phone.” The tech told me that was the earliest appointment. I told him to get me a supervisor. The supervisor said she wanted to try one more thing before scheduling a repair. I gave her back to my daughter and lo and behold the cable was working in less than 5 minutes. So much for incompetent technicians!

Now we get calls all the time offering us a special deal. If we use Time Warner for Cable, Internet and Phone they will only charge us $99 for a year. No mention of what happens after the year, but I’m sure we all know it will shoot up. Here’s my problem. The other day my cable went out. I tried calling Time Warner and got a busy signal. In fact, every time there is a problem and I call I get a busy signal. Why the hell would I switch my phone and internet over when I can never speak to someone when there is a problem? And, instead of having one service out, I risk having all 3 out. I’d be triple “played!” So, thanks but no thanks, I will not be giving you any more business, Time Warner. If anything, I have been looking into other options for my cable service. I am spending way too much money to watch old reruns and I hate to tell you what my girls are watching. That may be the subject of another blog!

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