Sunday, October 3, 2010

Supermarket Issues!

Every Sunday morning my husband and I head to our supermarket (Stop & Shop), while most people are sleeping, around 7:30 to 8 am.  We've been doing that since we got married 27 years ago.  We are early risers and my strategy to to make this process as painless as possible.   So I try to shop while I have his help and there are less shoppers in the store.  I never fail to come home with bags of groceries and a long list of complaints!

This week's complaints are as follows:

SALE ITEMS MISSING!  Why is it when they put something on sale, they can't also put it on the shelf?  I can understand it if they had Jumbo Shrimp on sale, at $1.99 lb., that they could run out of them before I get there.  But seriously, give me a break, Orbit Gum?  Was there a rush on that since Friday?  I had no idea it was such a popular item.  Oh and they had shell steaks on sale for $6.99 lb., but where were they?  I asked the manager of the meat department and he said they would be out in ten minutes.  So I finished my shopping and went steaks yet...5 more minutes he tells me.  Ok so I meander around and finally 10 minutes later he hands me three packages of steaks.  I consider myself lucky!

BLOCKED AISLES!  I have written to corporate headquarters many times about this issue.  I have to admit, every time I write they make sure the store manager calls me to apologize and promises to take care of it.  Well guess what?  Several of the already too narrow aisles had boxes piled in them today.  I presume they are going to stock the shelves with them at some point, but no one was around tending to that while I was there.  It's a regular obstacle course, and that's if you can even get through.  One day I will have to take pictures to post.

INCONSIDERATE CUSTOMERS!  Either that or they have no common sense or have to be blind.  How can you park your cart on one side of a narrow aisle while you are shopping for items on the other side of the aisle AND block the whole aisle with your FAT A$$ and cart while you shop?  They act like they are so engrossed with all the different kinds of Rice a Roni that they are oblivious to your standing a foot away!  How can anyone pretend not to notice someone is trying to get through with their cart, and is at an impass?  Yes, I could say excuse me, but I don't want to scare off my husband if my words don't stop there!  My tone would be sarcastic and, I can't say it won't end up in an argument, so I bite my tongue and wait.  However, I have absolutely no control over my facial expressions.  I guess they get the message one way or another.

I'm sure next week's shopping experience will be just as delightful!


  1. LOL!!! So true my friend! So true!! And when you do say excuse me they tend to look at you like what? who me? I'd start picking the missing sale items they might have out of their cart and into yours....then they'll pay attention!

  2. LOL! Now that's a solution that never occurred to me! Maybe next week I'll put operation "Stop & Snatch" into effect!

  3. The rude customers are the worst. I get stabby when they block the aisles.