Monday, October 18, 2010

The XX versus XY Chromosome!

I am not a scientific genius by any means, but life experience has taught me a few things you can’t learn in a classroom. In a biology we learn how men and women are physiologically different, in psychology we learn how their minds work differently, and in sociology we learn how each sex is treated differently according to cultural norms. In the classroom of life I have come to my own theory to explain the differences between the sexes. A woman has two XX chromosomes, and a man has an XY…all of the important things that a man lacks is on the missing piece of his Y chromosome. The little piece that makes an “X” and X and a “Y” a Y!

Here are some of the things that is on that little missing piece of chromosome that women have and men lack:

1. If you tell a woman to do something, she completes all the steps of the job without having to be instructed…a man must be told each step. Example, tell a man to wash the dishes and he washes the dishes, and not very well I might add. Tell a woman to wash the dishes, she washes them, dries them and puts them away and then wipes down the stove, counter and table.

2. A man’s idea of a romantic date is to sit in the living room in his underwear watching a game while a woman brings him food and a beer. A woman’s idea of a romantic date is to get dressed up, go to a nice restaurant and let the waiter bring them both dinner and a bottle of wine.

3. A man answers the question “How was your day?” with a grunt. A woman answers the question by telling you all about her day and then asks the man about his.

4. A man catches a cold and acts like it’s the plague and he is on death’s door. A woman gets the flu and is still cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, doing laundry, driving kids to school and games etc etc etc.

5. All men are color blind. They can’t match a shirt, tie and pair of pants to save their lives. It’s not till they get married that their clothes all go together and they stop wearing brown shoes with black pants! Why? Because the wife dresses him!

6. If you wonder why a man is never able to stop and ask for directions if he is lost, you now know to blame missing leg of the “Y” chromosome. Women never have that problem. The GPS was invented because of men, not women.

7. Give a woman the remote control and she finds a program she likes and watches it. Give a man the remote and it will not stay on any one channel more than a minute or two. He keeps searching and searching and never finds what he is looking for. Maybe it’s a power trip? A very short attention span?   I could go on and on.

Next time you see a man doing something a woman would never do, you ask “why?”  I ask, “Y” not?

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