Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plastic Surgery...

I don’t think there is a person who hasn’t seen the before and after pictures of bad plastic surgery. And I’m not talking about people who have a mental condition called body dysmorphic disorder, I’m talking about people who are so vain they want to look good and stay young forever. It ain’t happening. No amount of botox, silicone, or surgery is going to stop the aging process. What’s worse is that this is becoming so common and so popular, young girls are also trying to “fix” any little thing they perceive to be a defect too.

I’m not even going to discuss Michael Jackson, he had many issues and should rest in peace. I’ll just stick to the few actresses that had some “work” done and should be the “poster children” for anti-plastic surgery. I was very disappointed with Meg Ryan. She has always been so naturally pretty, adorable and cute…then she had plastic surgery! To me she ended up looking like Sally Struthers. Who in their right mind goes into surgery looking like Meg Ryan and comes out looking like Sally Struthers???  Next, I was shocked to see recent pictures of Olivia Newton John. I always thought she was so naturally beautiful and now she has that “frozen” alien like look. I don’t get it. There are so many stories, all with the same unhappy ending. Has any one seen Joan Rivers? Even she jokes about how many surgeries she has had. One day she was on TV when my husband came into the room. He took one look and said, “I can’t stand to look at her,” and walked out!  Ironically, all these enhancements that are supposed to make one look better, are  winding upmaking people look worse and totally unnatural.

It actually reminds me of a “Twilight Zone” episode where everyone on Earth was require to get the same face, a perfect and beautiful face. That’s what so many people are trying to achieve and they are failing miserably.

It strikes me in a sad way that people don’t see that there is beauty even in wrinkles and in the process of aging naturally and gracefully over time. The lines that life’s experiences, both good and bad, have place on our faces and make us who we are. Should we erase all that makes us unique and look like everyone else for the sake of vanity?

Two wonderful actresses come to mind, that I feel great admiration and respect for and who, as far as I can see, have not resorted to plastic surgery, but rather are letting life paint on the canvas of their beautiful faces: Meryl Streep and Sally Fields. I look at them and still recognize them as the beautiful women they were 20, 30, 40 years ago. I wish more people would take notice and realize they do not need to change their looks or try to stay young. Everyone knows how old they are and that they have had work done, so they aren’t fooling anyone.

Aging is a natural process and natural is what is beautiful. Let’s get back to that!

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