Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Off Days!

I’m not feeling myself at all today.  I'm having an "off" day. I had a misunderstanding with a friend and I have other issues on my mind. Not feeling funny or sarcastic or in the mood to complain, just feeling anxious. I know it will all pass eventually, but I didn’t want to skip a day on the blog.

So I’m helping my daughter with her presentation on the testing of testosterone in urine. She is doing a Power Point presentation tomorrow for her toxicology lab and has to practice. I didn’t think it would be so interesting, but it is once you understand all the science behind it. It involves testing for steroid use in sports. Apparently, drug companies have created a synthetic testosterone close enough to the real thing, making it very hard to detect the difference. Laboratories have to devise new and improve techniques to measure the levels of different things in the urine order to test for steroid abuse.

I’m getting a second MRI on my spine Saturday. The first one six weeks ago showed that my chronic pain isn’t due to sciatica after all.  It’s probably nothing to worry about, but somehow I can’t help it. Some days I’m sure everything will be fine, other days…like today…not so sure. I have been told “it’s probably nothing” before and it ended up being something. This blog was supposed to be keeping my mind off that!

Everybody has their own problems. I guess it’s just easier to spill my guts here and not burden anyone else. I have three followers, but if I’m lucky they won’t show up today. If you do, I’m sorry, I am taking a day off from laughing.

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  1. In case anyone wants an update and I forgot to tell you, everything is fine with the MRI. So I am going to start some PT and look into a new mattress for my back. Whatever is there causing the pain, the docotr attributed it to the aging process :/. I had planned to aged gracefully but I don't think my body got the memo.