Saturday, December 11, 2010

Internet Community Chat/Spat Sites…

I have been online since 1999, but only a few years ago discovered that there were sites to go to where you can talk about your favorite television programs with others who also enjoy watching. I first discovered the American Idol discussion board about three or four and a half years ago. I have been going there ever since to discuss the contestants, the rules, the music our favorites. I recently joined a Facebook page for viewers who watch the Dr Phil Housewives on Tuesdays. I have been a member for about four weeks now. Unlike Idol, the actual Housewives post with us on the page and it really adds a lot to the experience.

I have met and come to know many wonderful, warm, intelligent women on both of these sites. I would have never thought that was possible, but it actually happens very easily. After dealing with many years of ongoing fighting by posters on the American Idol board, I found myself posting less and less. It was no longer any fun and even interest in the show had been dwindling. But, out of all that, I have made some very special internet friends from all over the country.

As I sat here finding other interests to occupy myself, I learned from The Dr Phil Show, that they had set up a page on Facebook for their Housewives series, and I joined immediately. No one I knew was watching the show and this was the perfect place for me to go to discuss the weekly episodes. I have loved the past four weeks there! Everything was going very well until Thursday night (see earlier blog) when I got blocked for apparently chatting too much! However, there is now a new theory circulating that I was targeted by some person(s) who were jealous of my popularity on the site and they started to flag all my posts so I would get blocked. Well, soon after there was a lot of drama on that Facebook page like you would not believe! Someone seems to be creating several Facebook accounts, ala split personality style, and making trouble between all the posters. And now there is quite a lot of drama and no more discussion going on.

Now I am wondering why grown women, with intelligence, a family and a life, will sit at a computer and harass other women for hours on end, or end days and weeks on end? What is the fun of that? Who in their right mind needs more drama in their lives? I know I don’t. You can’t even point out to them that they are acting like children or your head will be on the chopping block!

I only hope that Dr. Phil gets to see what is happening on his own Facebook page. He just might have another show there just ripe for the picking. At the very least, the posters seem to need a lot more help than his television Housewives.


  1. OMGOSH Nina! That sounds as bad as the Idol board or worse! I'm with you, how on earth does there get to be so many immature women, seems like we run into them where ever we go!

  2. Hi Sharon! Nice to see your comment. I don't know if it's worse, I've only been there 4 weeks, but there is no where to run and no where to hide if you just want intelligent conversation. :/