Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Post Office Rates...

Well tis the season for mailing packages and the lines are out the door at the Post Office. I have noticed their rates rising over the last five years and it’s really gotten ridiculous. I’ve sent many packages the past 12 years and up until five years ago the rates were pretty fair. No more. They have fixed rated boxes you can use and you can stuff as much as you can in them for a flat rate so you know ahead of time what the damages will be. Those used to be reasonable too, but not now, even the flat rates have gone up.

I understand that the PO has to make money because people are mailing less and less every year. Everything is done online now, paying bills, sending ecards and email. It seems the only thing I get in my mailbox is advertisement or junk mail. But, instead of raising rates to astronomical levels, maybe the PO should find other ways to save or cut back? Otherwise they are going to lose more business with people going over to competitors like Fed Ex or UPS instead. Or, they will lose business because people like me will vow never to send a package again!

That’s why gift cards are becoming very popular. I used to think, oh that’s not really a gift, it’s the lazy way out. But now I see it differently. I would rather spend extra money on a gift card and sent it in a card for a few cents, than waste $20 or $30 mailing a gift in a package. Not only that, gift cards are so light and easy for me to manage and carry, while packages strain my already aching back. Most people prefer picking out what they want or need anyway. This way there is nothing to return, no gift receipts to include, no sizes to know, favorite colors, etc etc. One card fits all!

When you are busy shopping for a gift, the main thing you have in mind is usually the recipient not the PO. So you pick up something you think they will appreciate and worrying about the mailing fees later. It’s not until you get your precious package to the PO that you find out what the damages are. The last time I mailed a package, they told me it was oversized or odd sized and the PO charged me extra for that! Here I thought it was only the weight that counted but they added another dimension to their fees. That was the last straw for me, period!

So, before you shop and get on those long, long PO lines this year, consider getting gift cards for all the people on your mailing list. With the money you save in fees, go out and treat yourself to a nice lobster dinner because trust me, you’ll be able to afford it!

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