Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year’s Resolutions…

Or as I like to call them, Broken Promises. Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves to do better or to be better. We want to improve things about ourselves that we aren’t happy with, we want to change. Some things are harder than others. Changing takes work, motivation, patience and time. Nothing worthwhile is going to happen overnight or we would have done it already. The New Year symbolizes a time for new beginnings, new opportunities, and “new and improved” versions of us.

I think we all announce our resolutions so that we make ourselves accountable to other people instead of ourselves. It’ll be harder to give up on that diet if other people are watching and waiting to see our results. If we don’t mention we are on one, we can always quit after two days and no one will have a clue. Change is hard and we need support and encouragement anywhere we can get it. Once we have momentum and see a change, or better yet someone who doesn’t know what we are working on notices it and comments, then we are well on our way to achieving our goal. So why do so many resolutions fail?

I think people like to talk about resolutions, but committing to them and following through is another story. I don’t think anyone even expects people to follow through on their resolutions. I’m skeptical anytime someone mentions the word “resolution” because I associate it with failure; a broken promise to oneself. I’m not sure if I have even ever seen a resolution fulfilled, have you? Have you ever heard some say, “Hey, kudos to me for living up to my New Year’s resolution!” Instead, what I hear is, “This year I am really going to follow through on my resolution to…” or “I’m not making resolutions because I always break them anyway.”

I wonder why breaking a promise to yourself is so much easier than breaking one for family, friends and even acquaintances? It’s like we don’t matter to ourselves and everyone else's needs are a priority. By the time we get around to ourselves, there is no time or energy left. This year could be different. This year we can make at least one resolution and stick with it. No excuses, no giving up if we slip up one day, no allowing anyone to sabotage our goals. Rally up some cheerleaders for yourself; people who will encourage you when you need a boost. As you make progress, that in itself will self motivate us to stick with it.

I hate diets, but I am going to try this new 17 Day Diet. I am reading it right now and am prepared to start on January 3rd. I need to lose some weight, about 20 to 25 pounds, and my muscles need to be toned up. I am going to stick with this diet. I have already announced it to the world and gotten a cheerleading squad to back me. If I don’t follow through I will be letting a lot of people down who matter to me, but none as important as myself. After taking care of people all my life, it’s time to take care of me!

In 2011 I resolve not to break any promises I make to myself and I hope that you all do the same. The happier and more fit we are, the better we feel about ourselves, the more we can give to others when they need us.

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