Monday, December 20, 2010

Malls and Temporary Insanity…

Had a bit of temporary insanity yesterday when I decided it was a good idea to finish up the last minute shopping for Christmas. Turns out it was a lousy idea. I must have been crazy! I would have been better off going one morning during the week when some of the people are back at work. Every year I swear I will not set foot in a store at the last minute and every year I end up there.

The usual complaints come up every time. No place to park the car, so my daughter and I get dropped off and picked up to make it easier. All the merchandise is thrown around like a tornado hit it. People are still out in droves, looking for bargains that do not exist at Macy*s. In fact, Macy*s was the worst store I visited this past weekend.

I really just needed a few simple things for my husband that I had trouble finding online. I thought how hard can it be to find gloves, a scarf, pajamas and slippers? The men’s department is usually neat and organized and basic items, like the ones we were looking for, should have a piece of cake to find. They weren’t. Gloves and scarves were depleted and winter has yet to arrive! We did find plenty at Macy*s, but I did not want to spend $60 or more on each item because if my husband lost them I would have to shoot him. Even pajamas and slippers were in short supply, so I guess we know what all the men in my city are getting for Christmas this year.

I really just wanted a few things to put under the tree because all the girls’ presents are so small they hardly look like anything. Next year I am going to rethink my strategy and have a little pad handy in my purse. Every time someone says they want or need something, I’ll jot it down. Then I’ll shop in October and wrap in November and make reservations for Christmas dinner!

Now that I’ve come to my senses I’ll go wrap all my gifts so I can start shopping for the menu items I need for the feast.

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