Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Days Before Christmas!

T’was three days before Christmas, and I continue to blog,
While the rest of my family is sleeping like logs.
The laundry is done, but there is still more to go
And the food shopping list, continues to grow.

Nothing is wrapped, not one tiny present
And the thought of that job is rather unpleasant.
Most of the house is still in disarray
Maybe if I try hard, I can clean up today:

The bathroom, three bedrooms, the kitchen floor,
The living room, the dining room, the basement and more.
I’ll speak not a word and go straight to my work
All the while feeling like a maid or a jerk.

My eyes are so tired, my cheeks seem so pale,
I’m quite a bit rounder, I won’t get on the scale.
The smart phones haven’t arrived at AT&T
What a disappointing Christmas it’s going to be!

I plan for three months for the occasion,
But I still can’t factor everything into the equation.
I have enough paper, boxes and bows,
But the main presents may be no shows.

Once the house is cleaned and the presents all wrapped,
I’ll start on the cooking, if I haven’t snapped.
I’ll try to bake and prepare some food in advance
So that things can go smoothly and are not left to chance.

You know once they’re hungry, they will all want to eat
I hope they save me some dressing, while I carve the meat.
A meal that took three days to make at best,
Will take them all about 30 minutes to ingest.

Even packing the leftovers takes longer to do,
And where do I store them, I haven’t a clue.
And then it’s time for coffee and cake,
Rice pudding, cookies and pies that I baked.

Now that everyone’s gleefully happy and fed.
I’m going to go throw myself into my bed!

Merry Christmas!

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