Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Annoying People...

It grates on my nerves when people are carrying on long conversations on their cell phones on the street, in stores and even at the movies. They don’t care if it disturbs everyone around them, and on top of that, they talk in a nice loud voice because of all the surrounding noise.

I love it when someone parks their full shopping cart at the checkout and continues shopping, while I am behind the cart holding two items. If you aren’t ready to checkout then keep you damn cart off the line!

Drivers who don’t signal before changing lanes, assuming that everyone else on the road is a mind reader.

Drivers who are too busy to notice when the light turns green so that by they time they move you are stuck at another red light.

Women who wear too much perfume and it lingers in the air 30 minutes after they have left.

People who take up two parking spaces on the street and in parking lots.

Motorcyclists who get on the road together and then weave in an out of traffic while reving their engines.

The old ladies who have to pay for everything with change and stand at the checkout digging and counting pennies for 15 minutes.

People who don’t control their children in stores and allow them to run around and touch everything.

People who drive by with blasting music all hours of the day and night!

Well, I could probably think of dozens more, but for now this will have to do. Just thinking about them all is enough to get me irritated. Ugh!

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