Tuesday, November 2, 2010

JCPenney and other store Renovations!

We went to the mall yesterday for some shopping, eating and family time. Our first stop: JCPenney. Seems as though the store is still being renovated, a project they started during the summer. I hate when stores do renovations because you can’t find anything any more. Plus they have these fake plaster board walls up right now, so it feels like you are walking through a maze. I’m still upset with my supermarket for rearranging all the groceries in all the aisles. I think I am getting old and I don’t adapt to change well!

I managed to find a “manager” on the floor of JCPenney, so I ask her how long will these renovations last. She tells me well into next year! First of all, there was nothing wrong with the way it was (same for my supermarket) so that’s a lot of money going down the drain. I thought the retail industry was suffering because of the economy? Yet, these stores seem to have extra money to update their entire interior, department by department!

Now it’s not just me complaining. I’ve heard other customers who feel the same way. That cannot be good for business. My supermarket will not suffer because food stores are few and far between here and it’s unlikely people will switch to other stores. However, as far as JCPenney goes, I don’t think the genius who thought of starting this project and allowed it to run into the Christmas Season was very smart. It’s frustrating to try and shop as it is during the holidays. Penney’s is one of the main stores we hit. But, from what I saw yesterday, I just may decide it’s not worth going there this year. Besides, there is a Macy*s everywhere there is a Penney’s and they carry the same kinds of things.

Of course, I am still mad at Macy*s for what they did to me two years ago, so it’s not likely I will go there either! I’ve resisted it, but maybe this is the year that I will do all my holiday shopping online. And why not? Many items are cheaper, do not charge me tax and deliver it straight to my door (often without shipping charges).

Hey, I am better off with online shopping! Who says I can’t adapt to change!

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