Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Television…

Is it just me or isn’t there ever anything good to watch on Friday and Saturday nights any more? I practically wore off the plus and minus signs on the channel button of my remote, just searching for one decent thing to watch. What’s the story? Is everyone out on the town those two nights except me? There has to be other people at home looking for something good to watch besides me. After all, don’t we all have those huge screen televisions with HD, but now that we have them there is nothing to watch.

I happen to know that even if many dating couples go out to dinner and/or a movie on the weekends, there are many who stay at home, cook together and watch television. It’s only natural, that after a week of work, most people want to relax at home. Also, eating out and going to the movies is expensive. In this economy, people just do not have extra money to go out all the time. Besides, most of us are already paying too much for our cable service so we should be using it more, not less.

So why are we lacking good programming on the weekends? Don’t families stay at home and watch television together any more? That’s what we used to do when I was a kid. What programs are even on that you can watch with your children today?

I’ll tell you what I end up watching on the weekends. On top of the list are comedy reruns of: Everybody Loves Raymond (each episode seen at least 10 times), The Golden Girls (each episode seen about 15 times), reruns of The King of Queens (each episode seen about 6 times), Seinfeld (each episode seen about 12 times). After I have had all my laughs, the next shows I watch are about murder. Snapped, isn’t always about someone who snapped, but includes many premeditated murders. The Forensic Files, which teach you a good deal about how to get away with murder. I also watch 48 Hours, another good show about murderers. It’s gotten to the point where I am watching reruns of these shows as well, because they can’t create new ones fast enough. Basically, if you watch the last three shows, you can avoid many pitfalls if you intend to kill someone, and that’s the topic of tomorrow’s blog!

Meanwhile, it’s Friday night, I am staying in, and there’s nothing on TV to watch tonight. Maybe I should use what I have learned on weekend TV and go out and kill someone? At least my story would make for some good weekend TV.

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