Monday, November 22, 2010

My Facebook/Blog Police!

I seemed to not only have acquired followers to my blog and new friends to my Facebook, but I am also under surveillance of the Facebook/Blog police aka my daughters. They read my Facebook and Blog not for entertainment or information, but to critique, correct, and otherwise undermine my progress. I first thought a year of pet peeves would be a piece of cake for me because I spend a lot of time complaining and dissatisfied with things in the world and in general. However, it hasn’t been as easy as I thought. Just 56 days into the blog and I am struggling for something to write. It’s not that I’ve run out of complaints, I just can’t remember them all. Today, my “police” have provided me with some material.

They read my blogs daily. I think it’s to make sure I haven’t said something about them which they would object to…and by something, I mean anything.  If I do mention them, since they are a big part of my life, it becomes a topic of dinner conversation. Mostly, it’s to defend themselves and to diss my blog. To which I reply (like Joy Behar) “So what, who cares?” I tell the truth and I see it, it’s MY blog! The other day, for example, my older daughter had an issue with the fact that I expected my fluorescent light bulbs to last until I had grandchildren. “Do you really expect to have grandchildren in four years?!?,” she asks. Now, of course I did not mean it literally, I was using “hyperbole” to make my peeve more interesting. You would think an English major would have realized that?

My younger daughter is not help either. I wrote, what I thought, was a clever little piece on the lack of progress we have made in technological advancements to help housewives. I am a “real” housewife, not like the ones on the television shows. So I compared our lives to those of the Jetson’s cartoon and Jane in particular. I thought it was funny. My daughter tells me, “I see you are running out of material for your blog.” I ask why. “Because you are writing about the Jetsons, it’s ridiculous.”

So I tell both of them, “for your information, I have people who actually enjoy reading my blogs and they tell me so.” Their answer, “If they are your Facebook friends, they don’t count!” Seems like I can’t win.

You know, when they do something they enjoy, I support and encourage them in every way I can. But, when I do something I enjoy it’s ridiculous. The same thing happened when I was taking French courses at college for fun. I would mention tests and papers that were required, just to make conversation, and they would answer, “Well, you asked for it!” I wasn’t even complaining, in fact, I enjoyed the homework and the papers and looked forward to working on both after my housework was done.

But at least today, my “police” did help me. They gave me something to talk about. And tonight, this blog, may be the topic of our dinner conversation too!


  1. Too bad there's not a way to "UNFRIEND" on your blog. You can then cut your children out of the loop! LOL of course I'm just kidding, and found this particular blog quite amusing this morning.

  2. Thanks Kelly. My only consolation is one day they will have kids of their own and we'll see how they like it when the shoe is on the other foot. BTW, my older daughter did bring it up at dinner, but obviously she knew what I wrote was all true so there wasn't much discussion! Glad you enjoyed it!