Thursday, November 18, 2010

Light Bulbs......

I am sick of having to change light bulbs so often. Sick of going to get the ladder and getting up there to replace a bulb when it feels like I just put a new one in there last week. I know they could make a longer lasting light bulb if they wanted to, they just don’t. The package reads one thousand hours, but I don’t think I am getting my money’s worth.

With all the “going green” talk, I was told by my electrician that the fluorescent light bulbs would last a lot longer and save energy. They are more expensive, but they pay for themselves over time in what you save in replacement bulbs and electricity. He told me this three years ago (this is important so remember this).

So, following his advice, my husband and I went to Home Depot and bought a cart full of these fluorescent bulbs for every lamp and light fixture in the house. We were blown away by the fact that right there on the package, it states that these bulbs last seven years! Seven years! I wouldn’t have to change another bulb until I have grandchildren! And, with smiles on our faces, we went home and replaced literally every bulb in the house.

Well, since then, we have had to replace several bulbs. Notice that I first got the advice three years ago and so none of the bulbs are lasting seven years. I don’t know how many I have replaced already, I just know there is one in the kitchen and one on the living room that needs replacing right now. Sigh. I have to ask myself if it was worth paying all the extra money, if the bulbs aren’t lasting a fraction of the time stated on the package? On a “bright” note, I did notice a decrease in the electric bill so there may be something to that.

I am going to drag up the ladder to change these two bulbs today. But, before I replace them with new ones, I am going to write today’s date on each one and see how long they really last. Then I am going to write the manufacturer and give them a piece of my mind.

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