Saturday, November 6, 2010

Concert Goers, UGH!

Last night I went to my first concert in six years. The last one was to see Shania Twain. Love her, she was great! This time I went to see Carrie Underwood at the same venue! She put on a spectacular show, can’t say enough about her! She is the best! Ok, so either I have been away from the concert “scene” too long and don’t remember what it’s like OR people have gotten much more obtuse over the past 6 years!

Since I have been dying to see Carrie perform live for over 5 years I was very excited and got there before 6:30 for the 7:30 start time. I did not know there would be two opening shows and Carrie would not come on until nearly 9PM. At 7:30 the show promptly gets started, but half the people have not yet arrived or taken their seats. So all through Sons of Sylvia, people were walking in and out of our row SEVERAL TIMES, and down the aisle blocking my view of the stage. This went on for the entire performance of the first act.

The second act starts about 8:15. Now, I figure I can sit back and enjoy a few songs. Nope! Now people are going in and out of my row to buy $7 hot dogs, $6 pretzels and $5 beers. So again there are people filling the aisle, obstructing my view and making me get up and down like a game of musical chairs! All I can think of is that MAYBE they will all settle down by the time Carrie comes on, because if they don’t I may actually be hauled out of the concert for creating a disturbance.

OK it’s Carrie’s turn to take the stage. This is the main event, right? Everyone should have filled their fat faces and found their seats by now? I’ll tell you this, there was a big improvement, but not enough to suit me. There were still plenty of restless people moving around. Worse yet were the two girls in front of me. I don’t know how I restrained myself, honestly. The two of them were talking the entire time Carrie was singing, and since the music was very loud, they had to raise their voices. How inconsiderate! Why did they even come? They were drinking beer are beer and just talking throughout the performance. Then they get a bright idea. They are going to take pictures of themselves so they put their two obtuse heads together and point the camera in their direction and snap. Who do you think the flash blinded? That’s right…ME, as I was sitting right behind them. If they had stopped there, I might not have mentioned it. BUT, they snapped at least 12 pictures, probably more, just like that! I really wanted to say something, but when I am that angry I know it would have lead to trouble.

I don’t know if I will ever go to another concert. I only went to this one because it was Carrie and I think the world of her. If she ever comes this way again, and I am able to see her, I think I would go, just because it’s her. But hell can freeze over if anyone thinks I am going to put up with all that to see anyone else!

The things us fans do for love!

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