Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last Piece of Toilet Paper on the Roll…

Just went to the bathroom and for the life of me I do not understand why I am always the one who gets the last piece of toilet paper on the roll. Like one square is even going to do anything. Does it take that much effort to change the roll once it’s down to the end? I keep the new rolls of toilet paper very well stocked in the bathroom for convenience, but even that’s not enough. Maybe someone passed a law saying it’s the mother’s job to change rolls and no one sent me the memo?

How about soap? Everyone uses it and wears it down, but I am always the one who has to replace it. I also keep the soap well stocked in the bathroom and right next to the toilet paper. So why can’t anyone just get out a new box and open it? I hate finding the remnants of what used to be a bar of soap once I am already in the shower. I must have some pretty bad luck to always be the one finding a used up bar of soap.

Orange juice any one? I go to get some OJ in the morning and find there is barely an ounce in the container. So I have to throw out the container and open up a new one. Why? Couldn’t the person before me just finish up that last few drops? The same thing goes for milk. I only add a little to my morning coffee, but I have to used two half gallons, the one with ten drops and the new one.

It must be hard to replace things, everyone dreads doing it. Add napkins, tissues, paper towels, to the list. I guess you get the point. Everyone just leaves a sample for the next person to find as long as they don’t have to be the one to take care of it. Problem with that is, that I am always the next person.

One day maybe I will hide all the toilet paper and carry my own supply around and see what happens!

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