Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Proposed Mosque on Ground Zero!

If you are for the mosque being built then maybe you should skip today’s blog.

I am totally against the mosque being built on or near Ground Zero. I think the voices of the victims’ families and residents of our city should be heard. Not to mention the many US citizens across the country who also believe it would not be appropriate to build a mosque in that location.

The developers have always insisted that the mosque is not at Ground Zero, it’s three blocks away. Well, the ashes of all the victims were scattered all across the area, well beyond three blocks. As far as I am concerned, that makes it all sacred ground. I am not opposed to building the mosque, I am opposed to building it in that location. People have proposed alternative locations, all of which have been refused. This is no way to build tolerance and acceptance, only anger and more intolerance.

People say we should not associate the terrorists with the “good, moderate” Muslims. But really, how do we know if terrorists will not infiltrate the group and set up operations in that building? They have done it before. They will do it again. The citizens of NYC lived in terror for a very long time after the World Trade Center was attacked on 911. Helicopters flew over my house every morning for months. There were searching for suspicious activity and were a constant reminder that we were not safe.

And no one seems to know where the funding for this project is coming from. It could be coming from terrorists groups, there is just no way of knowing. Even if it looks legitimate on paper, that means nothing. They can channel their money through legitimate channels and then use the building for their own purposes.
This isn’t about religious freedom. This is about respect of our citizens feelings and compassion for all the families who lost innocent loved ones on 911. This about compromising the safety of our city and its residents.

What brought all this back to mind was that yesterday I read in the news that the developers of the mosque want 5 million dollars from our Federal Government for their project. The reason they give is that they want to be part of the 911 development project to build up the area which contradicts their original argument that they are no where near Ground Zero! I am really too angry to say any more about this. Seriously.
Sorry to have to bring this up right before Thanksgiving. But when I saw this in the news yesterday I nearly had a stroke.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families!

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