Friday, September 23, 2011

Bone Density Test, Another Sign Of Old Age

On Wednesday I finally went for my bone density test.  It was kind of overdue, because even though I am a little young for it, my mother had osteoporosis.  I knew in the back of my mind I would have it too one day.  The procedure is harmless and pretty quick and you get the results right away. 

I got to the office early and the technician took me immediately.  I lay on the table and she starts the scan.  As she watches the monitor she asks me, "Are you Sicilian?"  I answer, "Yes, can you tell that from looking at my bones?"  She says yes.  Apparently, in her experience, Sicilians in general have bad bones.  So much so that it made her curious as to why so she did a little research and found out that a one time, in Sicily, there was a dairy shortage.  I can't seem to find anything on it, but it makes sense. 

As the scan continues, she tell me I have osteoporosis   I already looked up what the results mean so I would know ahead of time when they told me the numbers.  The T scores go from 0 to -4.  Anything above -1 is considered normal and anything below -2.5 you have osteoporosis   My score?  -3.   So now I have to be treated for it, but the drugs all have some risky side effects and I'm not thrilled.  The ones given orally are harsh on the digestive tract and since I have a haital hernia, those are out.  The doctor wants to give me an injection every six months.  This is to prevent any further bone loss and the good news is, that there are ways to replace the bone that has been lost with calcium supplements and vitamin D, exercise, diet, etc.  It may take three or four years, but it can be improved. 

I wish I had gone sooner to be tested.  After menopause, with the loss of estrogen, bone loss increases.  I sort of knew that, but I was dealing with other things at the time.  So now I will try to get back on my 17 Day Diet, add in the exercise and drink water!  I hate having to pay so much attention to myself, but those are the three things that are the cure all for everything, no matter what is wrong with you.  And, as I see myself going down hill from here, my only choice is damage control.

Now I know a lot of you are younger than I am so take my advice.  It's better and easier to take care of yourself before you start falling apart than after.  You can wait until you have a health issue or actually prevent a lot of things before you even get them.  I wish I had talked less about having a healthier lifestyle and done more about it.  It's never too late though, so here I go again!

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