Monday, September 26, 2011

I Could Get Used To Being Rich....

Won’t someone give me the chance to try it out? I am just day dreaming right now. What if I had enough money to hire people to do everything I didn’t feel like doing? How sweet would that be? I could sit here and type blogs while the maid brings me a delicious, well balanced and healthy lunch with a glass of wine. I think I could live with that. If I see dust, instead of reaching for the feather duster, I can reach for a little bell and ring the maid. Of course, I shouldn’t be seeing dust if I am paying for it not to be there.

How great would it be not to think about what to make for dinner anymore? The cook will prepare the nightly menus and if we all don’t eat the same things, she can make two courses, complete with appetizers and desserts, which I never make. Oh, and no dishes to wash or put in the dishwasher for me, everything magically gets clean and put away.

No more laundry! Clothes make their way to the washer and dryer and then get ironed and hung up in the closet. Maybe I need an upstairs maid and downstairs maid? There is so much to do: beds to be made, vacuuming, silver to polish, crystal chandeliers to clean, food shopping, windows, bathrooms etc. My head hurts from thinking about it all. Oh, I need a gardener, my husband has allergies and I can’t have him out there suffering.

I have a medical condition called, “road rage” and that means I also need a chauffeur. I don’t want to be a danger to myself and others and risk losing my maids, cook and gardener! That won’t do at all. I have to take good care of myself so as to be able to enjoy being rich for as long as possible.

Oh well, day dream over, back to the old grind! I guess I’ll make a sandwich and then start dusting.

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