Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil Family Update & George and Cindy Anthony

I'm am still not sure I will watch these episodes.  I am boycotting Dr. Phil.  But, many are interested and some people actually count on reading what happened here.  I am thinking about it.  I caught a few minutes of him promtoing the show on The View.  He promises to ask hard, no holds barred questions.  I'm not so sure we are going to get truthful answers.  I'm not sure Dr. Phil cares if he gets truthful answers...as long as he gets ratings.  The interviews were supposed to air yesterday, but were postponed because of tennis.  That bothers me because he gave no such consideration to the finale of the Dr. Phil Housewives, which many missed because of tennis.  I guess there weren't enough of us viewers who were fans of the series so the hell with us.

I'll see how I feel when the shows airs.  I am not happy about having to watch Phil or the Anthony's today.  Not sure I can stomach either.  As far as I am concerned, their lying caused the jury to have doubts that ended up freeing that lying, baby killer.  Little Caylee looked just like Cindy.

As for the Dr. Phil Family...another of my peeves...here's a little news.  Katherine turned 21.  Apparently it looks like she is pregnant.  Who knew?  Anyway, from the way Erin tweets, they are all very happy about the newest addition to the family.  I think the baby, Paul, is expected in October!

Alex hasn't been tweeting at all.  I can only assume that since her parents stopped paying for her cell phone she doesn't have the spare money for it herself.  No word on how she is doing since the courts decided she didn't need their intervention.  But, there is never a dull moment with the Dr. Phil Family!


  1. This family has had so much help from Dr Phil.
    He say's he will not help unless Alex goes
    to rehab,but he is always in the background organizing every thing. My beautiful daughter passed away 11 months ago from CANCER her children 2yrs 4yrs and 10years are left to carry on with their father. I have had a stroke and a pacemaker /defibulator have been fitted. We carry on but others get the royal treatment and don't even deserve it. Laraine

  2. Your story breaks my heart Laraine. Your situation is tragic and I understand how you must feel. I went through a cancer scare myself 8 years ago and had a roller coaster of emotions. I have lost faith in Dr. Phil and feel he is all about exploiting people's problems for ratings. I think Erin hangs on in hopes that one day Alex will accept help and Dr. Phil will get her into a first class rehab. It's too bad he doesn't look for more deserving people to help out. Prayers to you and your family.

  3. You both should write to Dr. Phil, and tell him exactly how you feel! I think he feels that he has more of an interest in Alex and her family, as he is friends with them. I personally would like to see the show randomly choose "ordinary" people to come onto the show and receive some help. This would restore a lot of the faith that most people have lost, for whatever reason. Hang in there, and write to Dr. Phil! You don't have anything to lose!