Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Weekend Of Summer!

Labor Day weekend traditionally is celebrated as the last weekend of summer, as kids get back to school, vacations are over, and the holidays are around the corner. The BBQs will be working overtime as family and friends get together for one last summer fling. This was the fastest summer to pass by in my book. I blame it on old age. The older you get the faster time goes, but the slower your body moves. It just takes so much longer to do everything. And, if you are like me, you are liable to bruise yourself or sprain/strain something in the process.

All in all, I really didn’t suffer too much from the heat this year. If we had hot weather, I just didn’t notice it. Another sign of old age creeping in. The heat used drive me crazy, now a whole summer passed and I don’t remember complaining or sweating at all. What I do remember is the crazy weather. A hail storm, an earthquake and a hurricane that they are still talking about in the news. So many areas are still without power and houses, cars and businesses damaged beyond repair. I’ve never experienced a winter as bad as last winter and was looking forward to summer. But this summer wasn’t typical at all and things could have even been a lot worse. We were fortunate.

Now I am dreading the winter again. The cold bothers me, but not as much as the snow and ice. I’m definitely getting too old for this. And, the weather seems to be getting worse every year, just like my aches and pains. And sometimes I sit and wonder, is there any place a person can move and be safe from the weather? I don’t think so. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Have a great weekend everyone! Make the most of it because before you know it you will be roasting turkeys, shopping on Black Friday to buy Christmas presents, and bringing the shovels back up from the basement.

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