Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Coffee Is Irritating....

I went to see the doctor today.  She sees patients at the hospital and the floor she is on has a very large reception area for patients to wait.  They also have a large coffee machine that makes flavored coffee.  It's very nice of them to supply coffee to patients while they wait.  So what's my peeve?  Well, I was a little anxious today...ok maybe more than a little...I was there for test results and my older daughter is flying home from Europe and my younger daughter has some kind of painful ear situation she mentioned this morning, and yesterday I burned a huge pot of meat sauce that was supposed to be tonight's dinner, and had to get rid of it this morning because I didn't want to make anyone sick and then I had to go to the butcher to buy the meat to make it over today and then found out the butcher was out of meat and was waiting for a delivery and shall I go on?

So back to the coffee maker.  You all know that if you give away anything for free, people will come and get it, whether they want it or not, just because it's free.  Coffee is popular, so when it's free everyone stands in line for a cup; and when it's flavored or a latte, they also bring everyone they know with them to get a cup or two.  So as I bit my nails, waited to be called in for my appointment, I had plenty of time to watch the coffee line.  I could have turned away, and I di, but every time someone pressed the putton for coffee, the sound was getting on my nerves.  It was like the sound of a hair dryer going on, going off, going on, going off...and in my state of mind I am sure it sounded louder than it really was.  I just sat their complaining to my husband, the saint, who just smiles and agrees with me (he has come a long way since the day we married) and even adds a dig or two.  The closest analogy to the coffee maker and the patients is to compare it to a big crumb of cake and an army of ants.  If you are wondering if my husband and I got ourselves a cup...we didn't.  But many made a couple of trips in the 30 minutes we were there watching.

Anyway I needed to get that off my chest.  As for my test results, there was no change and the doctor doesn't want me to be concerned, however she is sending me for an x-ray in two months just to take another look at it.  I came back and bought the meat I needed and made a new pot of sauce.  I'm Italian, I want to feed my baby when she gets here, with a home cooked meal. 

I think I lost my positive edge and I am back in negativity mode judging from my recent blogs.  Stay tuned. 

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  1. Ew! I touch as few things at a medical facility as possible. There can be SO many germs on those buttons and everything around it. Gross! So glad you avoided it.