Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dr. Phil Talks To The Anthony’s - Recap Part 2

Dr. Phil says millions of people want to shake Cindy awake for the excuses she makes for Casey. Casey lost her moral compass, she is a psychopath, a narcissist, and egotistical…she lied for years about everything. These are character flaw of criminals. Dr. Phil says if you focused just on what we know happened, it’s inexcusable.

Cindy says she thinks on the 16th of June, Casey went psychotic and couldn’t accept the reality of the situation (accidental drowning). Dr. Phil asks why do people lie? To protect themselves, to shift the blame to someone else. On December 19th they learned that Caylee’s remains were identified. She was found so close to home. George says he fell apart every day from the 16th of July when they learned Caylee was missing. He tried to commit suicide, he couldn’t deal with the loss of Caylee any more. Dr. Phil reads the suicide note George wrote. He blamed himself for Caylee being gone. George blames Casey for Caylee not being here today. Cindy rationalizes it, but George feels Casey had something to do with it.

Dr. Phil speaks to George alone because of all the accusations against him. His affair with Crystal Halloway. He denies having an affair with her. No sexual relations. Why would she lie? He has no idea. She testified that George said “it was an accident that snowballed out of control“…that got media attention. George said he never said that to her. Dr. Phil could not track her down to ask her any questions. George denies molesting Casey and helping cover up Caylee’s “accident.” His reputation has been destroyed to some degree, but he says he never had anything to hide. Dr. Phil asks if this was a smear campaign to create reasonable doubt? George says the defense used the fact that he saw Casey and Caylee last, to create a scenario to get his daughter off. Attacking him was a factor in getting Casey off. The jury said George had selective memory and he could be lying, his involvement was suspicious and he could have had a role in this. George said he never held anything back. Some interpret his suicide as guilt; he says it was guilt for not doing enough. He felt like he let his whole family down. George thinks she buried her baby and had some help. He breaks down when he thinks Caylee was treated the way she was with duct tape over her mouth and buried in the woods. He misses Caylee.

Dr. Phil talks to Cindy. Cindy was upset about the “drowning” story. She said the thought had crossed her mind that it coul dhave been a drowning. Phil asks if they believe she drowned. Cindy says she did and told officials, but they didn’t look into it. He asks if they buy the defense theory that Caylee drowned. Cindy says she buys the part she drowned, it was an accident. George says he doesn’t believe it. Cindy says she found the ladder down when she came home that day and told her coworkers. George says if there was an accident why was she buried and why didn’t Casey tell them about it.

George tells what he thinks happened. Cindy never heard his thoughts before. He says, he doesn’t believe Caylee drowned. He thinks that Casey or a friend gave her too much drugs and she never woke up. Chloroform or other drugs. When she didn’t wake up, she was transported in the car and buried down the street. There was no drowning. Dr. Phil says so it was a Chemical babysitter. She was sedated so they could have a good time and freedom. Cindy finds it offensive and this is the first time she has ever heard this. Cindy says the toxicology report never found drugs in her. She doesn’t believe Casey did drugs. George says he has said it a few times. She is not upset with him, it’s good for him to get it out. She is afraid the anger will kill him, holding it in. George feels this in his heart. He doesn’t know what it was, that was used. He says he will never know the truth. But the evidence points to the fact Caylee was in the trunk of the car.

Cindy is angry about all they were put through the past three years. Casey never told her what happened, especially those 31 days, when she lied and actually knew where she was. Dr. Phil wants to know how that baby got into the woods. George has asked that himself, it’s just a quarter mile away from the house. The neighbor said Casey borrowed a shovel from him. They both think she borrowed the shovel. Casey said she needed to cut a piece of bamboo. Cindy doesn’t see the possibility that she used the shovel to dig a hole in the woods to bury the baby. It doesn’t even occur to Cindy that she borrowed it for disposing the body. Dr. Phil asked if Casey put her in the woods. Cindy believes Casey had knowledge or had something to do with it. Cindy says that to Casey the body was just a shell and the soul was gone. Dr. Phil says she is trivializing it because she says the soul left the body and the body is just a shell. George doesn’t excuse anything Casey did and feels she is responsible. Dr. Phil is about to have a stroke. Cindy keeps excusing her behavior by saying, what were they going to do with the body anyway, they were going to cremate her.

Dr,. Phil he gets being loyal to your children, but isn’t it disloyal to Caylee to not get to the truth. Cindy says she has to live with what she knows. She has prayed for three years for closure. If Casey was guilty then she should go to prison. She feels God answered her prayers when Casey went free, and that it was an accident. Dr. Phil asks if Casey is disturbed and Cindy says yes. Something that started during her pregnancy. George has a different opinion of the outcome of the trial.

Another interview is coming in a few days, Dr. Phil is milking this story.

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