Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Baby Leaves For Europe…

This is a bittersweet moment in my life. On Saturday my baby will leave for Europe to visit London and Paris. I am thrilled that she has this opportunity. I took a similar trip when I was her age and loved it. I hope she will enjoy every minute of her trip.

She has worked hard all her life, since the age of 5 really, when she was enrolled in a gifted program in kindergarten. Always an over achiever, and too smart for her own good, she got into one of the best high schools in NYC and also got a full scholarship to a local Catholic High School. She went to the very academically demanding public high school and from there earned a full scholarships to two colleges. Her education cost me very little beyond the books she needed. She majored in both English and Communications and graduated with a 3.9+ average, Summa Cum Laude. She was intent on getting a job after college, but the job market bottomed out. She did what she could and worked hard to save up money for this trip and then some. I just could not be more proud of her.

Now, she will be going away for 12 days, overseas, and I am already worried. It’s my nature. I am driving her crazy with her packing. I don’t want her to forget anything she might need. She is a smart girl, but she doesn’t think like a mother yet. But, she humors me and takes in what I have to say, trying to make me worry less. But I only know how to worry more. Every morning I wake up with more insightful advice to give or something else she needs to pack. Hopefully, she will drive her own daughter crazy many years from now, if she has one, and then she will know exactly how I feel today.

A lot of time, money and preparation went into planning this vacation. It’s really her first genuine vacation since she graduated. She deserves to have the time of her life. This is the perfect time for her to experience these things and to travel abroad. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see her enjoy herself and to watch over her. But, of course, that is not possible.

My little bird is taking her first flight out of the nest. Yes, it may be a delayed flight. I am overprotective and nurturing, but at 24 she is an adult, even by my standards. And, as Judge Judy says, “she is fully cooked.” There is nothing left for me to do. It’s all up to her from here on in. She will be making all the choices and decisions to manage her own life and hopefully she will have the happy, fulfilled life I have prayed for her to have.

Have a safe and wonderful trip, sweetie! I miss you already.

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