Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out Of Party!

Even “party” people don’t want Lindsay Lohan around and Lindsay never learns her lesson. She is the last person that needs to be out partying, it always gets her into trouble with the law.

The story is that Lindsay was not welcome at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Week party (have no idea who he is), but managed to get in to The Gallery at The Dream Hotel Thursday night. Lindsay doesn’t like to take no for an answer and eventually made her way into the event. The reason she was person non grata is that the night before, Lindsay threw a glass at a waitress in a violent episode, and word got around. However, as soon as Lindsay made herself comfortable at a table, security guards came over and asked her to leave The Gallery. Lindsay got up and left without a scene and promptly went back to the Boom Boom Room where she had the incident with the waitress the night before. They allowed her back.  I'm not totally heartless, I do blame a lot of Lindsay's mistakes on her parents (she never really had any) and the bad example they set all along the way.

Kate Gosslin On My Last Nerve!

What is it about Kate Gosslin that she will not fade into the sunset and off the television screen? Her show has been cancelled after the last episode aired recently. Kate managed to insult all her fans when she said Jon had a regular job and is content with “mediocre” for his children, while she insists she needs a television job in order to give them the best. All the viewers with regular jobs and mediocre lifestyles just have to suck it up. Meanwhile, Kate, who wanted one more child and got six more instead, is hardly being a mother to them. The children have been affected by growing up on television and many have some serious behavior issues. What would be “best” for her children is to have a full time mother who isn’t screaming at everyone 24/7! Oh did I forget to mention that Kate is driving around in a two door sports car? I’m sure that is best for her eight children. Maybe if she is kept off television she will go back to parenting before it’s too late for all her children?

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  1. In my country celebrities don't hardly become famous with the magnitude celebrities in the US become famous. They are, however - often just as arrogant,demanding and downright impossible as these two above. I think it takes an awful lot of presence of self and mind to cope successfully with celebrity, and as you have rightly stated Nina - Lindsey's folks are unstable people too. So who keeps her grounded? The Kate character we have (thankfully) not been exposed to here in the bottom of Africa, yet...