Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loving Fall...So Far!

I am loving far.  Ok so the leaves haven't had a chance to change colors yet, but it won't be long now.  We got a couple of nice cool days and it got me into the baking mood.  I made two batches of brownies for the girls this week.  The first batch was practically inhaled because it had been so long since I made them because of the heat.  Today I got up.  It's cloudy.  I decide to make some pumpkin bread for my husband.  He loves his cake and coffee in the afternoon, on the weekends.  He deserves a treat for all he does for us.  

I love baking in the fall and winter.  It's not so much the baking part, but it watching my family enjoy the end result.  One year, when we went apple and pumpkin picking, this particluar farm also sold ready made pies.  We picked up a couple of pies to take home.  One was an apple-raspberry pie and it was delicious.  So, I decided to try and make my own apple pie and got the brainstorm to cut back on the sugar and add some seedless raspberry jam instead.  The result was my own apple-raspberry pie that became in instant hit with everyone who tried it. 

I am already looking forward to the holidays and thinking ahead.  I remember my blogs from last year about trying to figure out what to get the girls for Christmas.  I always start trying to come up with ideas on October 1st because it's so hard and risky to wait till the last minute. Somehow I always manage to come through in the end and make sure they have great presents.  This year we have another dilemma, not only can't they think of anything, they are too tired to try.  I may be left to my own devices altogether. 

I will take my annual trip to Toys R Us and check out this year's toy selections.  I'll pretend I am shopping for my girls and tell my husband (who humors me) what I would be buying and why.  I'll pick up a couple of things to donate to children who need it.  Maybe that will satisfy my needs!

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