Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leah Remini & Holly Robinson Peete Fired!

To those of you still watching The Talk and waiting and wondering where Leah and Holly are, they are NOT on vacation, they have been fired by CBS. The ladies who worked hard to get the show established and were two of the most popular hosts, have been let go. Why? No answers from CBS or “journalist Julie Chen, who is taking a successful show and destroying it single handedly.

I have written a rather long blog on this subject which you can read here: The Talk Blog

However, I need to address this topic once again and hope that face book fans of the show will help spread the word. Numbers Talk! There are several face book pages, created by fans, to put a spotlight on this issue and to try to get another network to pick up Leah and Holly (and maybe Mrs. O.). It is more about the way the whole thing was handled than about their letting Leah and Holly go. However, you can imagine how hurt and betrayed they must feel about this since they were not given any explanation either and consider the other hosts friends.

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