Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Are All Victims of 911

We are all still victims of 911, ten years later. Yesterday I could not help but notice everyone tweeting about being struck for hours in traffic in NYC because police were doing random searches of cars going over bridges. Traffic is very bad here on a good day, let alone under high security alert. I had an appointment for a test in the city. I pick Saturday mornings because the traffic is lighter and we can drive in and park. After hearing what was going on last night, I decided we should take the subway in and do a little extra walking as opposed to sitting in two hours of possible non moving traffic.

My husband and I get up early, as usual. We plan to leave early for all the walking that is involved as the trains do not go to that hospital. We park and walk a half mile to the train and it comes immediately. Great! As soon as we take off, they announce it will not be going to the stop I need today, instead we have to take around train to get to that point. I sigh. We get off and head to the next train. It’s a very long walk in the hot, humid subway. It comes in 5 minutes and we get on. So that takes a little more walking and waiting.

We get off and need to walk the rest of the way from there, about a half mile, so far total 1 mile to get to the hospital. My test literally takes 5 minutes and I’m done. We go to McDonald’s for breakfast before heading home and discuss our options. If we walk from where we are now to take the one train, that’s one and a half miles plus another half when we get off to go to the car. Or we can take a cab to the train station we need. Or we can try taking two trains again. I opt for walking. A lot of it was uphill. I am tired and the two benedrylls I took this morning weren’t helping. We finally get to the train station and take the one train back to the car’s neighborhood, and then start walking the last half mile. All the messages announced on the train linger in my mind. “The is the NYC Police Dept.: report all suspicious bags or packages to an officer of MTA employee.” I see plenty of bags, everyone has one. What I don’t see are any cops or MTA employees. I am frankly too tired to care at the moment, I still have a long trek home.

Mind you, the car trip there would have been 20 minutes and another 20 to come home under regular circumstances. But then again we are not living under normal circumstances, are we. If not for the significance of this weekend and the terror threats, we might have had a different situation. I would have been sitting comfortably in my car and missed out on all this healthy exercise. I guess it will help me sleep good tonight too. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise? That’s just me trying to make lemons into lemonade. It could have been worse, but hell I am tired now!

Let’s pray any threats made are thwarted and get some sleep.

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