Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chaz Bono And DWTS

So much controversy about Chaz Bono participating in Dancing With The Stars, is it really necessary?  Sounds like we are back in the Dark Ages!  When will people educate themselves and overcome their ignorance?  What is all the concern about?  People are worried that young children will see him on the show and start asking questions.  The premise is totally ridiculous.  Children today do not remember when he was Chastity.  They can only know his as Chaz.  This seems like another way for people to express their bigotry.

I read that there is a website called one million mothers trying to get everyone to boycott the show because Chaz is on it.  You would think that one million mothers would have better things to concern themselves with other than bully Chaz, who may just be enjoying himself for the first time in his life.  It takes courage to come out and discuss his being transgender and trying to "enlighten" a dense society such as ours.  He put himself out there for all sorts of criticism.  You would think a group of mothers, of all people, would show some compassion and understanding towards him. 

Do you think they could shift their focus on to how to stop bullying in this country?  This is a tremendous problem that needs a spotlight on it.  Maybe they could track down internet pedophiles?  I mean put their time and energy into accomplishing something good and really protecting children.  Children do not need to be protected from Chaz Bono.  He seems to be a very kind, sensitive, compassionate human being trying to live his own life the best way he can.  For that he is being attacked?

I would if it ever occured to any of these one million mothers that one day a child of theirs may come to them and tell them they have transgender issues.  What will they do then?  Turn their backs on them?  Would they want their child boycotted or discriminated against?  If they don't want their shildren to watch the show there is a remedy for that...change the damn channel!  They don't have to start a bigoted boycott against a man who is just trying to be himself and hasn't hurt anyone.

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