Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Part 2

I guess I didn’t get everything out of my system yesterday about the good “doctor” because the news yesterday riled me up a bit more. I was reading a few things. AEG, the people responsible for running Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Tour, testified. I read that the defense said that in his private practice, there were times that people came to Dr. Murray sick and with no money and he would not charge to treat them because he was a compassionate doctor. However, when Michael Jackson insisted that his own personal physician, Dr. Murray, accompany him on his tour, AEG said he asked for 5 million dollars, a CPR machine and another medical professional. Dr. Murray reassured them it was just a precaution, as Jackson was in excellent physical health. Interesting. A tape of Jackson, recorded in early May clearly shows he can barely speak, slurred his words and was at times incoherent. If you recall, I learned yesterday, he was being paid $150,000 a month by Michael Jackson, for taking care of him. In a year that comes to 1.8 million dollars, then on top of that, for going on the tour, he wanted 5 million dollars. AEG told him that wasn’t happening. Jackson told them to offer him $150,000 a month, which they did. Murray refused until he was told that offer came directly from Michael.

Michael Jackson’s children watched as Dr. Murray gave him CPR while a 911 ambulance was on it’s way. Well he called 911 at 12:20, which was almost an hour and a half after he found Michael’s lifeless body, so I think that CPR was all for “show.” Even a four year old knows to dial 911 in an emergency. Then, Michael’s personal assistant testified that Dr. Murray told him, soon after Michael’s death that he needed to return to the house because, “there's some cream in Michael's room in the house that he wouldn't want the world to know about." The drug propofol has a creamy, white appearance and is sometimes referred to as “milk” by some addicts. Why try to hide evidence if everything was all above board? Because it wasn’t. Dr. Murray was lining his pockets with money and acting as Michael Jackson’s drug dealer, not a doctor.

Now the defense is trying to say that Michael Jackson took his own life by taking additional medication when Murray stepped out of the room. I don’t buy it and who is going to prove it? Are we to believe anything this “doctor” has to say about what he administered and how much? Michael was in fragile condition. Maybe a “normal” dose was more than his body could take at the time. We will never know because the doctor was busy making numerous phone calls for about an hour and a half. And, even if you want to believe Michael Jackson took the additional medicine himself, why isn’t the doctor to blame? Michael was an addict. There were seven bottles of drugs by his bedside. The doctor irresponsibly left him unattended with the medications all nearby. There was no way Michael was conscious enough to be using good judgment or even know what he was doing, he had already been medicated by the doctor.

The more I hear the more it bothers me. This man was not acting in the capacity of a doctor and what he was doing was criminal. I believe that fours years is not enough of a sentence, even though it’s the maximum he can get, for all he has done in this case. I think his tears are for himself, not Michael. He screwed up because of greed. He wasn’t a friend to Michael, he was an opportunist who saw a way to get rich by preying on Michael’s dependency on drugs. It’s sickening.

Maybe I am done, maybe not. We’ll see what else comes out in court when medical experts testify.

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