Saturday, September 17, 2011

When Do We Relax?

I was talking to my husband yesterday and asked him when are we supposed to be able to relax? There is something every day to worry about or do. Problems spring up before you can take care of the ones you already have. We are getting tired and old before our time!

I am helping my older daughter unpack and do laundry so she can go back to work with a clear head Monday. Meanwhile my husband took our younger daughter to the doctor for a probably ear infection. She never complains, so I knew it was hurting her a lot when she got up early this morning so she could be seen asap. She has tests coming up to study for too. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much, things have a way of working out and most times I have no control over them anyway. But, instead of giving me patience when I was born, God gave me a huge dose of worrying liberally coated in pessimism, so I am the poster child for gloom and doom. Most people tell me I am a positive person, and there’s the irony. I don’t see myself as positive and don’t know where they see the positive. If there is any chance something will or can go wrong, my mind automatically assumes the worst will happen.

Now I am on pins and needles waiting for my husband and daughter to get back. I hate for her to be in pain and I can’t wait to get the antibiotics going so she can feel better. She has had a rough three years in this Med Tech program and is doing so well. Just another eight months till graduation!

So you see I am preoccupied with my children today. I can’t even think of anything else. I was born to be a full time mother. I’m sure both girls wish I would switch to part time or better yet, retire. But, it ain’t gonna happen.

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